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Beam me up Scotty!

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
Yesterday I went to Jersey Gardens with a friend. This was the first time that I was out in a very noisy environment. I started talking to my friend and her boyfriend (which both of them have CI). And I realized that it's too loud, so I switched to Beam program. WOW! So much better. I can only hear my friend and her bf. It was awesome! We all talked about our experiences with the CI, my activation day, tips and tricks. We went to a restaurant, and I still kept my Beam program. It was perfect for this environment. I do wished that I remembered to turn up the sensitivity, as I had it on 1 or 2. Anyways, then when we were almost done, my batteries went dead. I was very surprised because I just changed my batteries yesterday. I thought to myself, no wonder why people say do not take the tabs off until you're ready to use it because it's activated by air. I had extra batteries, with tabs open on a small case keychain since activation day...3 weeks ago. Also, my friend told me that because I used a specific program, it tends to eat up the batteries. Wow! Then....I did not have extra batteries. *groan* Luckily, my friend let me have hers. I owe her 3. :-) Lesson next time, make sure that there IS batteries in the small keychain case!

I got home, and put fresh batteries in the case, and kept the tabs on. Works great!

Not much on new sounds. Things are pretty much sounding normal, nothing special these days.
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