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Baby, You Can Drive my Car

Posted Aug 08 2010 10:34am

So, while I was away on vacation, I had my new keyboard and mouse delivered. John’s keyboard and my mouse both died last week, so he took my keyboard (it was a split ergonomic one that we’d actually bought for him originally, but then when my keyboard died I used it first…) and I ordered a new pair from Walmart. Upon arriving home, I broke into the box with childish abandon, excited to play with my new toys, and the box lay forgotten on the kitchen floor.

That is, until Eric walked up to it, pulled out the papers that were in the bottom, and said, “Mommy, I’m going to drive my car!”

One Sharpie, a few minutes, and many shapes later (“Mommy, the windows are like squares! The wheel is like a circle!”) … he had a car. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, like standing back and watching your child play in a box the same way you did as a young child. Boxes are awesome, because they are anything! In it, Eric drove to Dragonland, he raced with Lightning McQueen, and he chased down some bad guys to put them in jail. Then, seeing all the fun, Danny wanted in.

Of course, since he was having so much fun, Eric wanted no part of Danny taking a turn in the box! As Danny tried to climb in, Eric pushed his hands away, leaving Danny standing and staring in envy. Well, he didn’t stand and stare for very long; he is a 2 year old, after all.

At this point, Mommy had to put down the camera for a while. Tantrums were soothed – well, ignored until he stopped screaming, and then soothed – and little boys were reminded about the better points of sharing and taking turns. Finally, Danny got a turn.

He was so excited to take his turn! He climbed in. He climbed out. He climbed in. He stood there looking around, and I could see it in his face. “Um, what’s the big deal in here?” He flapped the sides up and down a few times, then climbed out and wandered away…at least until Eric got back in and went driving again, making the box seem much more fun.

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