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Anyone know anyting about autoimmune inner ear disease?

Posted by Jan S

I had a sudden hearing loss in both ears last summer and after seeing an ENT, otologist and a rheumatologist, have been diagnosed with autoimmune inner ear disease.   Treatment with prednisone brought back hearing in one ear, other ear almost deaf.  Also on methotrexate.  These seem to be the traditional treatments.  Anyone know anything else about AIED?  I've read it can be caused by allergies.

 While I believe the doctors are right in their diagnosis, I'd like to look at all possible causes and treatments to deal with autoimmune disease, including alternative treatments.  The prednisone works, but is bad for your bones and I already have osteoporosis, so need to be careful.

 Thanks for any help or advice.

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thanks for your reply.  I've had the ear shots in my bad ear, didn't bring back any hearing, but did help make what I heard clearer.  Unfortunately, didn't prevent me from having another bout of sudden hearing loss, only oral steroids (prednisone) bring the hearing back.


Exposures to microorganisms or harmful substances are among the favored theories of AIED and other autoimmune disorders.

Not much progress in treating this rare disease. They use corticosteroids (including prednisolone) since 1979.

Some people claim that ear shots work better than oral steroids.

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