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any suggestions for Verizon PDA cell phone that is hearing aid compatible? M3/T3 or better?

Posted by drwalker_rph

I am a cochlear implant recipient who has been looking for a Verizon compatible PDA type cell phone that is hearing aid compatible with a rating of M3/T3 or better.  I have been looking at the Palm phones and Blackberrys.  If anybody with a cochlear implant or a hearing aid that uses this type phone in telecoil mode I would appreciate comments or suggestions.    Thanks.
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I wear a Bone conductive hearing aid. when I was trying to find a compatable cell phone, most I found wasn't loud enuff, or would get that loud feedback noise (sharp whistling noise.) after few years I finaly found a compatable phone. the cell phone I use is Verizon LG. I hear loud and clear on it.

u can also test it before u buy. Here is a link to verzion I found for compatable phones.

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