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Another Post In Paradise...

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
*yes it's from the song 'Another Day In Paradise'* :-D

Well, one more week to go before Reba's concert! First concert with my new ears.
This week has been uneventful. Kevin, Roy's brother, came over for a visit and helped us sand down the sides of the kitchen cabinets to make the new fridge fit. I measured everything thrice, but it was just too snug in that spot. It now fits, we're enjoying cold water and the ice dispenser. Our old one was about 20 years old and was being temperamental, literally. It's not fun when you wake up in the morning itching for some hot tea then find the milk has frozen over.

I start my new classes on Monday...I hope I can handle the course load. 5 classes...dang! It's been about 10 years since I've had more than 3 classes.

It still feels like summer here and sometimes I just give a little chuckle that it's October. Having 95 to 99 degree weather is pretty nice! It is a bit windy, but cool winds.

Cats - ALL three cats have Ringworm. What a pain in the butt. I got them special oral meds ($20 for a month worth, while for humans it's roughly $250 to $350!!). Roy and I, thankfully, do not have any signs of Ringworm. They all seem do be doing much better. Blackjack is so crazy sometimes. It's like he's high on sugar for about an hour, then he just plops down and sleep for several hours. He's knocking everything down...CDs, pencils, balled up paper, etc etc. Think I'm ready for kids yet? I don't think so! At least Hobbes is fairly getting along with him when he doesn't have a set of teeth grabbing on his throat. Mocha seems more peaceful now that Hobbes is not chasing her or bugging her. I do feel bad though because all she does is sleep.

I've been playing Tony Hawk's Proving Ground on Xbox 360. It's a lot of fun, but I prefer the older games, it's just much better. Now, I'm playing Half Life 2 and I love it! I've been playing online whupping people's butt. :-D Ahh, that feels good.

CI side - Well, I've been using rechargeable batteries since June. I like it a lot. However, the processor showed it's strain last week. The controller (where the batteries go), has cracked. I used my other two spares. Then a second one cracked under pressure from the rechargeable. Hmm. I found that it was a bit of a common problem. I called up Cochlear and asked them to replace them. No problem. I was able to replace them for free. I also found out that they have a thinner rechargeable battery that supposed to fix this problem. So, I'm going to contact them and see if it's possible to replace all four of them. Otherwise, I will have to go back to regular batteries. I did find that if I remove the rubber seal, it solves the issue, but it makes it sensitive to fall out...I did that for three days, and it hasn't fallen out yet. So we'll see.

I finally, yes finally, got the dang Y adapter for my PACs (Personal Audio cable), so I can listen to music through BOTH ears.
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