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Another Bilateral Benefit - No Off The Air Time

Posted Oct 26 2009 11:04pm

Well we had our first scare with a head bump. Lily was running on the wood floors and slipped. She conked her head on the door jam or floor (we're not really sure which). The spill sent her CI flying and left her with a little bloody scratch at the magnet site. Luckily it doesn't appear to have caused any swelling or problems. We put Neosporin on the cut and left her CI off for a day and a half to let the cut heal. Initially, Lily told us not to put her CI on her "owwie", but after the first day everything seems to be okay. Now she's telling us, "It's all better." 

Luckily through this whole ordeal she was still "on the air" with her left ear. While it's a small sample size, she does appear to respond better when she has both on and working. She appeared to lip read a little more when she was only wearing one and it took more to get her attention in noisier environments, but at least she could hear while her right one was healing.

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