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And the birds are singing...

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
I have started to take up cycling just to get out of the apt. I think I'll be interested enough in it to actually compete. Now wouldn't that be cool?

Good thing my helmet was adjustable and did not interfere with the coil. :-)

Anyways, I would ride about 4 miles down a very small Nature Trail. The third time I went, I heard something that I never heard before. Birds singing. YAY! I have heard Morning doves sing and crows screeching. I just never heard Robins, Cardinals, and other little birds. Riding my bike down the trail, I heard about 4 different sounds of birds. I was able to tell the differences, and I thought that was really cool. I can't tell which sound belong to who, but it's good enough for me!

Las Vegas move : After some trouble with our first choice, we dropped it and went with what we wanted, and now we're working on getting the down payment, and making an offer. What a pain in the ass. The good thing is, everything is done on Roy's part. I just give him the money and he'll tell me where to sign. I'm good to go. The house we really want looks very nice and renovated but still has a vintage look. The only thing I must have done is the bathroom. Flowery wallpaper *gag* with matching shower curtain (wtf?), and some weird design on the tub, shower walls, and sink. Those have GOT to go. :-) Other than that, the house looks great!

Now that my classes will be over today, I can focus on playing the games that I've been neglected, but at the same time I have to start packing up for the move. I have about 100 videotapes to go through...and then I have to ditch them. Thank goodness for Netflix!

I have some great news, but I have to wait until I hear the details first, then I'll let you know.
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