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and the "best big brother in the world" award goes to...

Posted Oct 25 2009 11:00pm
we have always felt that Tanner (our 7 year old) was a special addition to our family. he truly came equipped to take care of and nurture Logan. i shared this story on our family blo g, but thought it was too sweet to not share again...

Logan started soccer this year and although he loves it, he plays very cautiously because his implants constantly fall off. a few times, they have stopped the entire game to call me over and help him place them back on--which has embarrassed him a bit. my husband thought that maybe a head band would help keep the coil on (the circular part that attaches to his head). after a trip to the sports store with Dad, the boys came home like this...

i asked my husband why he bought all three boys a headband and he told me that they all wanted one. but later that night after Tanner's game, i asked Tanner if he liked playing with the headband on. he told me, "No, it kind of itches and I look a little stupid because no one else on my team wears one. But when we were at the store, Logan didn't want to wear a headband, so I thought if I wore one, he'd want to too and not feel so weird about it." Me--(sniff, sniff). and it worked, Logan now thinks its cool and can't wait to wear it during his next game.

i love this kid!

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