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Am I crazy?

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
The answer to this provoking question is YES. I will be the first person to say this...doesn't everyone say this all the time?

I've always joked with Roni that we're normal. It's the other people in the world that's crazy.
Perhaps you want to know WHY I'm calling myself crazy.

I'm going stereo on Thursday and will be a fully assimilated Cyborg. Yep, that means I'm getting my head cut open, blood squirting, particles of bones flying all over the place, and then getting a oh so fine Freedom implant with a curly tail and closing me up with continuous 5-0 Cat Gut sutures tucked right behind my right ear along with a beautiful "jock strap" tied tightly on my face. Oh the itchiness, oh the pain...oh the beautiful music. :-D

That's right baby. I'm one of those rare breeds that are going bilateral. I got two ears, why not use them?

Thanks to Dr. C and Mary for doing all of this for me. They arranged everything Tuesday. I'm having the surgery Thursday. How great is that?! Boy, do I owe them big time.

So, tomorrow, (well, today), I have to go for Pre-op tests and EKG. That's it! No MRI, no vaccines, no other crap that I had to do the first time. Unless if my kidneys are shot, I do not perceive any issues. Mom is going to drive me to and from the hospital, and I'll have some motherly care for a couple days. This time around, I learned my lesson. Put the ice pack as soon as I get home. Take as much pain meds as I want. Put the nausea patch on as soon as I get home. Eat Marino's Cherry italian ice with my baby spoon. Okay, yes I still have my 29 year old baby silver spoon. It's PERFECT for eating Italian ice. I make a little well, and work my way around it. Save the bottom for last. It's the best.

OH yes...the most important thing...ask the surgeon if I can get the damn bandages off two days after surgery...not a week. Do you know the strange looks I get for having the bandages on?! Actually, I didn't get any....I went in NYC, so they're used to these kind of folks.

Any idea what to call my processors?!

BTW - This wasn't the "good news" that I mentioned in my previous post. I'm still waiting for more details, then I will let you know. I promise, it's CI related. Let just say that I may be just as famous as Abbie...kinda. At least my voice will be heard. :-)
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