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Aidan, Lucas, Jordan, George, BATMAN and ROBIN

Posted Jul 19 2009 10:12pm
Well, after almost two years of blogging and interacting virtually with so many incredible people, I finally got to meet some families..and their AMAZING kids!!! We came, we met Batman and Robin (Note: Batman and Robin dedicate their time and a lot of cool stuff at charity events all around Baltimore. I feel so fortunate that they were able to share their time with us...Thank you so much!) and we definitely ate a lot! A fun time was had by all...

I spoke to one mom who told me that she rarely feels comfortable talking about her experiences raising her deaf children with other families of hearing children, so that being able to spend some time with families living her same situation was so incredible for her.

Two other moms talked schools in the vicinity and discussed speech therapist options. Another mom had a question about batteries and processors. We all talked CIs. A gentleman walked up to me and asked why Batman and Robin came, were they here for a party. I said it isn't a party, it's a group of parents hanging out who share the cochlear implant in common. He said that his wife's cousin had one of them things. I said, "Really?" He said, "Yeah, it changed his life..."

It certainly has changed the lives of the families at that park and for two hours, we talked all about it...

Check it out!!!!

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