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AG Bell Conference!

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:07pm
Last Saturday I went to the Utah Chapter AG Bell Conference (AG Bell is a National Organization for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing). John Anderson a very educated, Deaf Adult came and spoke to us. He has a cochlear implant. He was born with some hearing loss . He said one morning he woke up thought that his hearing aids weren't working went to the audiologist and the hearing aids are working just fine. He went to the Dr and found that his hearing was gone in one day it was gone. He wrote a book the title is " Me and My Hearing Loss We GetAlong Most of the Time. I thought that was so funny. I'm going to get the book. After his speech I went to my next class it was the teen panel. Four Teenagers on the panel three of them had at least one implant. The Fourth girl had just hearing aids. It was so awesome to hear each of them speak you could understand the three very well with the implants and The girl with just the aids she could get implant cause her hearing is bad enough. But the aids work great for her. You could understand her though very well about 85% of her speech the other 15% you had to really listen
cause she could say the word it was just not as clear. But I have to tell you this Deaf Teenagers are in involved in so much like Drama at school, Four wheeling, Fishing,Eagle Scout, Dating, Dancing, Playing Instruments,they all had jobs where everyone of their jobs they are working with the public all the time. I told this Kids it isn't like your not even deaf your doing everything else a hearing teenager would do. It was Awesome. I know Gavin will do just as well as these kids and that gives me Great relief as a parent. Next Class I when to was (Giving Language to Toddlers throughout the Day). It is like I have a TV Show (like Martha) I have to say everything I'm doing. What things do, I talk about every task, colors, shapes,smells of things. It is what they call a word bath. That is what the class was about. Next I when to a class that was about Music and the Deaf it was great. The Speaker talk about how the technology has developed in the last couple of years with hearing aids and implants when it comes to music. It was neat to see the implant is definitely the better device to have when it comes music. The PowerPoint show what happens when music goes through the implant. With each note and the electrodes in was so cool. I learned alot it. It is fun to be apart of the AG Bell Board and I'm excited to meet more families and learn more about Hearing loss.
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