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Activation Day part Deux

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
Forgot to add this. Please read my activation day post first.

SkullChick, is getting her activation day on 2/12/08, *hand waves* She asked me if I videotaped my activation day. You know what, in a very small way I wished I told my mother to do so, but honestly it wouldn't be as exciting as Abbie's and Jennifer's activation videos. Maybe for my next mapping? Then I realized that I didn't exactly explain what happened!

This is what happened.
First - She hooked me up and checked the electrodes to make sure all of it is functioning.
Second - she turned it on, and said, "This will sound like crap." (word for word)
The first sound, sounds like a very very high pitched window shattering. It's like it has hit my eyeballs and spread throughout my whole brain. It was just a very weird feeling. At that first sound, it actually physically hurt. Then, it went away as fast as it came. After giving me a moment to get a little bit adjusted... EDIT: I thought of this, while sleeping. It felt like I had an electrical jolt in my head. Made me jump!

Third - she went through beeps, and asked me to raise my hand, no matter how soft I hear it. That lasted for about 10 to 15 mins. Do you really want to see a videotape of that? Even my mother looked bored. LOL! I *think* this is to measure my comfort level. I'm not exactly sure. Maybe next time I ought to ask for details!

Fourth - She did the speech test. She asked me whether the sound was long or short. Ahhh or Ba sound. Then she asked me if the sound is same or different when she says something two syllables like ahh ahh, or ahh Ba, or Ba Ba. I have to tell her whether it was the same or different. I think I got it mostly right.

That's it! Then I was on my own. I'm glad that everything sounds soft at the moment, because I think I would be very overwhelmed with all the sounds if they were the same volume level as my hearing aids. I can hear the clicking on my Sidekick (who knew it was so loud!!), typing on my laptop, papers rustling, papers ripping *riiiiiiiiip*, bag scrunching, etc. At almost 11pm, I've gotten used to the electronic sounds. All the lower, quiet sounds sounds normal to me, but quiet. I heard Hobbes purring. When he breathes in, it's sounds like he breathed in some helium, but when he breathes out, it sounds exactly what I used to hear, but slightly louder. Cats' purring is constant. It "sounds" like it's different, but that's only because it's breathing. If there was no breathing, it would be like rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Just a small fact that I felt the need to point out.

There you go! More specific than my activation day post! :-)

PS - The sound that makes me cringe right now is Roy cleaning the litter box. Holey Moley! It sounds like sandpaper right next to my ear with a huge thump at the end (while the scooper hits the wall of the litter box). I asked him if it's really that loud. "Yep. Since you can turn your "ears" off, why won't YOU do it from now on?"
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