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A week went by already?

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
Been busy last week with errands and miscellaneous stuff. The major thing is that I bought a new laptop. I have had mine for almost 3 years, and lately it has become unreliable if I'm working on documents/photos or even a game or two. My screen goes black. The only way I can get it back on is to power down my computer and reboot. Other times, I have to do a hard reset, which can be easily done, but pain in the ass to change the time from Dec 31, 1969 to current date and time. My battery keeps popping out. This is partially my fault because I dropped my iBook a few months ago at the corner of the battery compartment. After going back and forth to the Apple store, I found out that my iBook came from a bad batch of logic boards when the iBook G4 first came out. I wished I got the Apple care, then I would have gotten it fixed for free. However, if I wanted the logic board to be fixed it would cost me $300, plus other charges. Instead, I decided to shop around. I was able to get a discount from Dell, thanks to Roy. I wasn't sure if I wanted a MacBook Pro. I compared the prices for MacBook Pro, and the Dell one...they both have EXACT same tech specs. MacBook Pro is $2000 MORE than the Dell. So...I'm back to WINDOWS. *cheering* (At least Roni and Roy will be happy that I'm not teasing them about Mac stuff). Mind you, I really love Mac's GUI, but I am concerned for the software issues in the future if I want to be a game's primarily Windows, not Mac. Macs are good for graphic artists, photoshop, etc. This time, I promise I will not get rid of Internet Explorer (which caused a HUGE havoc on my '99 laptop), and I promised that I will not open up the laptop since I now have a 3 year warranty from Dell. I'm, my laptop will be RED. They didn't have purple, so I went for my 2nd favorite.

On Friday, I hung out with my friend in NYC looking for laptop bags (it's kinda hard finding one for a 17" screen. LOL!). This was the first time that I was in a city environment since I was activated. Things sounded slightly quiet. I attributed that to the fact that my lows are still a bit low for me. I met up with another friend who is contemplating CI as well. He was just very concerned about the surgery and how things sounded. I referred him to Dr. Chandrasekhar. We'll see what happens! I found myself being able to understand people much better, not 100%, but better than before. On the train ride on the way to NYC, there was this lady behind me that will not shut up. She kept yaking on the phone. I was able to pick up a few words here and there, but it was just annoying, so I just turned off my CI. I enjoyed hanging out in NYC because I got to be with someone who knows pretty much ins and out of NY. Lately my CI has been a little weird. Some days things sounds VERY loud, other days, it's very quiet like I need a huge boost. I think I really need to have more control over the volume. Volume 9 sounds the same as Volume 1. I don't think I can do that like I could with my hearing aids. Music are sounding a bit better, still sounds weird while I'm driving. If I'm at home, and things are quiet, then I can hear it pretty well. I found that I don't like the music program, but I'm going to keep trying. I feel that I am missing something from using the program, I just can't tell what it is just yet.

I have tried playing Silent Hill 2 for the Xbox...the sounds are WAY too scary! I had to put it on mute because I could hear breathing, footfalls, blood being splattered, whispering, screaming, and radio static gets louder when you are near an enemy. I've gotten jolted too many times with the sounds, so I just turn it off. This is one hellish horror game. I have played Resident Evil 4 (which I recommend you to play), and it was pretty cool, especially the chainsaw wielding twins coming at you trying to cut your head off....but it's not as scary/spooky as Silent Hill.

Comments that Roy uses often these days - "What? Are you deaf?!", "I liked you better when you were deaf.", "What? What? I'm sorry, I don't have supersonic hearing", "You figure out the sounds..." He's just funny, and none of these are meant to be an insult. We both have just weird sense of humor.
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