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A Week After

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
Well, it's been a week since my activation, and boy what a week. All I say is, I'm glad that I can "turn off" my ears when I go to sleep. :-D

I've learned yesterday that if the sounds are distorted, and you think that you're going crazy, you better check to see if it's the battery. I thought I was going crazy when things weren't so clear. Then I heard beeping noise. I thought perhaps it's me with phantom sounds. At night, suddenly the sounds went out. My first thought was the coil popped off or something. I popped it back on, and still no sound. Yay! My first battery change!

I went to my college and went to the lab. All I could hear was clicky clack of the keyboards, people whispering, and people humming to music. Although I know the lab is normally quiet, but this was pretty noisy! No wonder why librarians scowl at you if you move one bit. I went to the student lounge and sat down. I listened for certain sounds. I heard a woman talking on her cell phone 15 feet away. I heard her say, "You're joking!" clear as a bell. I was looking at her, but her mouth movement was difficult to lipread from that far.

This morning, I heard Mocha go number 2. How do I know? I heard her scratching the litter *shudders* to the sandpaper sounds, for a little while, then a "PLOP", then more scratching of the litter. She only covers her "number 2", not her pee. I cheered, quietly, and said, "Man! I can hear my cat go to the bathroom!"

About 10 feet away, I could hear Mocha drinking water. 15 feet away, I heard Hobbes scratching the bed (it's their bed...yes, they have their own mattress to do whatever they want), then scratching the food bowl, and finally eating his food.
Boy, who knew that the cats are noisy!!

Yesterday I went to Toys R Us to look around. I saw THIS toy. Roy and I love the Blue Man Group. I pushed on the demo key, and I could hear it clear as a bell that it sounds exactly like the Blue Man group! I wished I could play with it, but it's expensive for a novelty item that we will enjoy only for a couple weeks, then the novelty will wear off.

Although some sounds are very loud to me, and some sounds that's "missing", I know over time with the training, and the mapping it will only get better. I can't wait!
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