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A Spicy "Ah-ha" moment

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
So, here I am still having a sore neck. I would stretch it out from time to time, but it felt like I have a big bruise on my neck, not stiffness. I checked my older posts today. Ah-ha! I saw this post with my pictures and discovered that the 3rd picture from the top, you can obviously see a large yellowy bruise on my neck. There's a small spot of it right above my eyebrow. I knew about the spot above my eyebrow, but didn't notice my neck. Both of them were by electrical simulation that's placed on my face so it won't be paralyzed due to the close proximity of the facial nerves during surgery. Ah-ha!
Yesterday, I was in the mood for some tortilla chips (better than stuffing my mouth with Chips Ahoy...damn Roy!), and some salsa. The only salsa I had was medium, which was an error on my part, as I prefer mild. I figured that since I cannot exactly taste anything, it wouldn't matter too much. After eating a couple, it wasn't so bad...but then my taste buds decided to wake up, and was screaming. Oooh so spicy! On a happy note, my tongue only has a small spot that is numb, and the dang metallic taste is going away.
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