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A better day!

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
Yay! It always happens...after a few bad days, a great day follows afterwards and you just forget the bad days. :-)

Yesterday, I took the plunge, and got myself a new spanky iPod Nano! I was considering of getting iPod Touch but I decided against it because for one thing, it's expensive, and secondly I seem to have a habit of getting stuff with a lot of features, then I don't use them. I bought a 8mm video camera about 10 years ago, and I thought it was the coolest thing because it's small (well, at *that* time, it was small), and had a lot of stuff you could do with it. I think I bought it for $275. I only used it about 5 or 6 times. It's now sitting somewhere collecting dust. I cannot really do much anything with it now because I'm not even sure if I can transfer it to DVDs. Maybe I'll try, and it will be worth it when I have kids. Anyways, iPod Touch is really a nifty device, but I felt that over time, the novelty of having the features will wear off. A friend of mine has one, and she's a power user, so she would use it everyday. I don't. I just stick it in my car and go. I'm happy to just download music videos off iTunes, or podcasts. I'm even using the photo feature, which I didn't use on my 1st generation Nano. I decided to get the 8gb version due to the fact that my music library is getting big, and I rather put pretty much all my music on it, so if I'm ever in the mood for a song or singer, I will have it instead of having to wait until I transfer it.
I'm back to listening to Harry Potter book again. After a few days of not hearing Stephen Fry's voice, his voice now is much more clearer. It still sounds slightly weird when he says the vowels and high frequency sounds, but it's much better. I can't wait for my next map!
SkullChick heard fire alarm for the first time!
Ruminator is getting his implant surgery today!

Yesterday I had my honors class, A Skeptic View to the Paranormal (VERY interesting class), and we had to do groups and work together. I was VERY surprised at myself how outgoing I was. I normally just sit back, watch the interpreter and chime in when I can. Since I got the CI, somehow, somewhere inside me my outgoingness just came out of the closet. I'm normally talkative to my deaf friends, but when it comes to hearing people I just sit back. So, yesterday I was joking around with the Bush predictions, and stuff like that. After a while, I thought to myself, "Where the hell did THAT come from?". I just said out loud, "Sorry that I'm a little bit perky today, I had Dr. Pepper, and it causes me to get goofy." Which I didn't...I felt that I had to give an excuse for my behavior. They all were laughing. I understood my group members 80% of the time, and just looked at my interpreter to be sure that's what I heard. I was just surprised!
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