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9 months - what a result!

Posted Dec 20 2008 7:17pm
Woah, it's been almost a week ago since I've had my 9 months mapping, and still, i haven't yet posted it up! I have been soooo busy and I haven't found the time to pop on the computer untill today, yep i'm having a lazy day!

here we are..

Monday 1st Drc - 9months mapping

Unlike other mapping, I would normal get connected to the computer and get my implant turn up and altered on different frequency. This time, it was different, instead of getting connected up, I went striaght for a hearing test.

Carina wanted to see how I am hearing now with the mapping I have right now before she could do any changes. So, I went in a and the usual hearing test we I need to press the button every time i heared a sound.

The test went well, I heared alot of it, I just wasn't hearing the very quiet sounds but I was hearing better than the last test with the same mapping.

So, after I had the test; Carina then knows what needs changing.

So, in the room where i got connected up to the computer for the implant to be programmed again. Carina first check how well my nerves responsed, which i didnt have to do anything accept sit down and relax.

After that was done, I had to listen out for the sounds and point to this paper that says: loud, medium, or soft etc.

After that was done, I went back and did some test,

I did the BKS test, beat last time result and got 90%
Cuny test again, I beat last time score and got 90%

I was pleased to do my result and coudnlt believe how much i have improved in 9 months, how briliant is that.

After i did those test, Carina decided to challenge me and I tried this new test that i have never ever done before, I did a BKS test but with a noisy background, which was all hissing sounds. I had to guess what that person say, I didn't do to bad and got 36% or 38% for the very first time.

Now all my mapping is over, I don't need to be back at the implant centre till my 18months.

so, thats my 9 months result - sorry it took soooo long to post it up.

(the picture is me my friend Lizzie who has a NF implant both wearing our new winter hat)
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