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7th July (Tuesday)

Posted Jul 01 2009 12:00am

Miserable weather today, intermittent rain. Very busy at work today that I ignored what was going around me as I had deadlines to meet and to tidy up work before I go away on holidays.

On the way home, I managed to get on the coach before the heavens opened, my they did come down like a tour de force, flooded parts of the road. I was hearing the rain hitting the coach quite hard but also heard something else – a sharper thud sounds. Looked up at the sun roof – saw hailstones, in July! Weird weather we’re having at the moment. The roads all the way home looked flooded to a certain extent that the coach on the motorway home had to reduce its speed to ensure we stayed on the road and to be able to see ahead as it was just a sheet of rain coming down so hard that it bounced off the road a bit. At least it eased off enough for me to dash from the bus to my front door.

Opened my suitcase ‘zzziiiiipppp’ of the zippers, noticed that if I speed up the zippers it makes a deeper noise than the usual quiet mid level noise when opening normally. In went the clothes, sundries and all the important sunblock, chargers and my back up hearing aids for my un-implanted ear in case of emergencies. Only two more days to go and then it’s sunny climes. When I was packing my clothes away, I was able to discern the different sounds of the materials – cotton, linen and polyester makes when folding or opening, didn’t realise that the materials sounded differently. The only thing I knew made a difference was those cheap raincoats that squeaks or rustles quite loudly when making movement. Luckily I have a really good quality raincoat and it doesn’t make those sounds and the bonus – it BREATHES!, did you ever worn a raincoat that clung on your skin when you’re hot and was a pain taking it off! Eww

I watched the Michael Jackson memorial service on BBC2, I found that I could follow the male singers better than the females, Mariah Carey has got quite a repertoire and I could not hear some of the notes that she sang but followed the song with captions on. Jermaine really sang the song ‘Smile’ really well and with emotion. Stevie Wonder also sang with emotion that I could hear. It seems that I have my moments where I can hear the high pitched sounds better and vice versa. I think my brain is trying to sort itself out with the mapping of the new sounds.

Roll on Wednesday and Thursday before I can say – ‘Holiday’s here!’

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