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6 Months

Posted Sep 09 2012 6:31pm

I set out, while pregnant, to make sure I kept better track of milestones with Andrew – both before and after birth. I did a horrible, horrible job! Completely dropped the ball, I did.

So let’s catch up. At 6 months…

  • Andrew is making physical stuff a bit priority! In the last month, he has mastered sitting, army crawling, rolling back to front, and pulling up to stand. He is still working on hands and knees crawling, but doesn’t seem to be too enthused about it since he can already get around just fine.
  • He is sleeping very poorly, something that started about a month ago. He seems to often take forever to get to go down at night, and he wakes often. He is worse now than he was as a newborn! It’s making for one seriously tired mama.
  • His firsts this month included his first tooth (broke through on the 3rd, six months old exactly!), first tastes of food (baby food and tiny bites of table food), and first time swinging at the park (he smiled, but seemed to enjoy watching the big kids swing more).
  • He started wearing 6-9 month clothes this month, more for length than weight.
  • Halfway through a year, his darn tear ducts are still not fully open, especially on the right! He has some serious cradle cap going on too. Blech.
  • Andrew’s favorite things are sticking things in his mouth (especially crinkly stuff), watching his brothers play, peek-a-boo, books, and watching and/or chasing the cats.

We made it halfway through the first year – I can’t wait to see what the second half has in store for us!

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