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3 well known people with Cochlear implants!

Posted May 30 2009 3:59pm
1# Rush Limbaugh
You couldn't have a career like his and not hear. He hears well and his speech is understood. He has the Advanced Bionics device. He has one. He had a sudden hearing loss. He was not born deaf.

2# Heather Whitestone
Miss America 1995. At 18 months of age. She had a very high fever from Haemophilus influenzae virus. Which left her profoundly deaf. She has bilateral implants. She has Cochlear America's device the Nucleus Freedom.

3#Amy Ecklund
Amy lost her hearing at age six due to an illness. She’s been interested in acting since age eight. In 1999, Ecklund underwent an operation known as a cochlear implant and her hearing was restored with the aid of the implant.
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