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3 different medications, 2 visits to the doc and lots of coughs...

Posted Feb 24 2011 1:14pm
This has been going on far too long now! i feel im maybe starting to get somewehre now even though im exhuasted and tired from sleepless nights and lots and lots of coughing!
called my GP several times who has prescribed me 3 different medicenes and im now on the 3rd see if it helps.
ont he 2nd medicene prescribed we were told we could put it through my PEG once it has dissolved but it blocked it. we had to call out our district nurse who had never seen a button PEG like i have before.   she had to call my hospital in newcastle before attempting to change the button herself because my PEG nurse was busy elsewhere. Newcastle talked her through it and she almost struggled to get it in but it finally popped in! i was like thank bloody hell for that otherwise id have to stick with a catheter tube in there til the PEG nurse came.  Now the new peg button was in, she checked to see if it was unblocked and i could continue my peg feed since ive been ill and have needed it more than usual. I feel very tired and sinus are affected by sore eyes.
hopefully the 3rd time lucky medicene will do the trick! watch this space!
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