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2nd & 3rd day post activation (19th & 20th June 2009)

Posted Jun 01 2009 12:00am
Well, it's certainly tiring for the brain to filter the sensations out. I'm finding it a little difficult to recognise the sensations but I know it's there. So far, I can and make the link of the sensations coming from the keyboard at work and home. It's so loud that it's right in front of there rather than being a background noise. Travelling home on the bus I could 'feel' the wheels hitting every pothole, dip in the road and my CI responded that by sending louder sensations - Ugh! - not nice. Can feel talking, water running, walking of feet, things being moved around, even the packaging rustling from a box of vegetables. So many noises around and feeling them at the same time. I only took off my CI once for 10 minutes as it started to give me a headache which I took some painkillers for. The painkillers helped a lot.

Still having an issue with the magnet, might resort to create a little hairless area so the magnet will stay on properly. Did not see father for a day or two and he was most interested in the cochlear implant and I showed him the kit that comes with the CI - dry kit, batteries, recharger, accent caps, spare parts and the users manual. He was asking a few questions about what was I hearing. I found it difficult to describe and could not think of a suitable analogy to describe it. That will prey on my mind for a few days until an eureka moment comes!

Just learned that one of my pets has diabetes, so countless trips to the vets is organised. He's ever so good at taking the insulin medication. I hope it'll improve his life a bit, good thing I noticed that he was drinking a lot and weeing copiously which warned me that he could be diabetic or a kidney infection. Mind you I hoped for the latter as it's easier to treat but unfortunately not the case. At least he's on tablets for now, until the dreaded day that the vet says that the tablets aren't working and resorting to give insulin injections. I don't mind injecting but it's a right bugger to keep them still while administering it!
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