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24 hours mark

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:02pm
It is currently 24 hour mark to my surgery. By now, 24 hours later, they probably have already set a place in my skull for the implant, or threading the electrodes in my cochlea, or maybe they're having a party!

While the past few days has been really crazy, I'm impressed at myself how I was able to handle the whole thing. I never once said, "Oh, I think I'm nuts", or "I'm STRESSING OUT!" Nah, if I can handle a dog coming in after a Hit and Run, and doing CPR and inserting catheters, doing blood works, I can handle anything.

Roy is doing well through this process too. I think it helps that I am not worried at all, and he takes the burden of being the worrier. :-)

I have set up an appointment with my audiologist for activation...February 1st at 1pm.

Then I have a bunch of follow-ups to do, how exciting! I think it will be very interesting to see how well I do with hearing different sounds.

The one sound that I have always wanted to hear, but couldn't, is the sound of crickets. While most people (probably all hearing people!), find that the sound of crickets chirping is very annoying, I can't hear them. Everything else, I'm looking forward to listen to once again.
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