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2009: Much Improved

Posted Jan 01 2010 9:11am

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of 2009, in general, is that it is so much better than 2008. It wasn’t a truly banner year, full of awesome and great and wonderful, but after the suck of 2008 it was pretty darn good. There was a lot of hard work, worry, and frustration that went into 2009, but a lot of it paid off well.

Eric, Dec 2008

Eric has made phenomenal leaps in learning. His speech is phenomenal, his understanding pretty darn good, and he’s turned into a great little boy from full on toddler a year ago. He started preschool, took up a love of puzzles and board games and computers, and mastered pedaling a trike (and is working on bikes – he just can’t get them started). Largely fabulous, he learned to use the potty! That one is definitely one of my favorites. He’s developed a strong love of racing cars and playdough, and delights in imaginative play.

Danny, Dec 2008

If that’s not huge progress, then to think about Danny… Of course, the big moment of the year was his surgery in January and CI activation on February 16. He’s learned to recognize sound, and the absence of it, and to localize. He’s learned some household sounds – like that the microwave means food is coming – and the sounds of his favorite toys. He’s learned to babble (mama, gaga, yaya, and a full set of vowels), knows his name, and has a handful of recognized words. The progress isn’t what we’d hoped by the start of the new year, but it’s still pretty incredible … and that’s just his speech and language! He’s learned to crawl, pull to stand, cruise, climb, walk, run, and bounce. Just yesterday, he climbed all the way out of his car seat and out of the car. He’s weaned from breast to sippy cups, both straw and spouted, and progressed from only tolerating stage 2 baby foods to stealing graham crackers out of Eric’s hands. He feeds himself, both with his hands and with spoon and fork.

Late November, 2009

There haven’t been a whole lot of huge events. Eric’s third birthday and Danny’s first. Our sixth anniversary. The closing of the daycare Eric had been at since I went back to work, and finding a new one for the boys. Our March of Dimes walk. All the little ebbs and flows that come with life. We’ve worked hard, played hard, and have a lot to be happy about.

Happy New Year to all, and much happiness in 2010!

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