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1-Week Post Activation

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:19am

Hey all,

Sorry I haven't post recently. I've been so busy with my England squad. Over the past week I've found my C.I Pretty difficult to cope with. I haven't really heard a clear sounds since switch on. I've have experince alot of beeping over the past week when I or something esle make a sounds.

I can identify what cause my implant is beep at me. such as

* Door shutting
* my foot steps.
* water running
* chair moving
* Tv
*music playing
*dogs barking
* People talking

and many more... all these sounds I hear is in beeping sounds and not a normal sound.
I have found the beeping sounds very fusturated even though I am trying my best to keep going with my implant, as people said it will get better over time.
I'm due for my 1-week initail tunning (1st mapping since switch on) this wednesday coming. Hopefully things will get better since then.
Has any of you experince alot of beeping on the first week without hearing a normal sound?
Has any of you experince any soreness where the hook goes on you ear. I've seem to have a little blister on where the implant been place.

Anyway over the weekend I flew to Germany with my England sqaud for a Friendly match against to Germany. We lost the match, which we wasn't too bothered about because it would giver away our tactic in the world cup this June in Greece.
I played very well. And enjoyed evey minutes of it. especially when there was a stadiuam full of people watching us. The crowds was amazing. I am please that I flew home with another new shiney medal :-)

On a saturday, I didn't wore my implant at all because of the training all day and match too. I felt bad for not wearing it even though I did that for a reason as I didn't want it getting damange throughout the footie training etc but sunday it sounded all weird for a bit then got back to the the sound I heard before with the beeping. (is that normal)

anyway hope you enjoy some of the pictures :-D (i'm number 15 in the team photo)

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