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Providing Chicagoans and Chicago visitors with resources to make educated, healthy lifestyle choices.    Healthy in Chicago isn’t just for the everyday athlete, or 6 day a week gym member, it is also for those who want to be inspired to be healthier in their life; those who are looking to join a gym, run a race or just want to know how to eat healthier. Healthy in Chicago’s resources are for everyone, all ages, all fitness levels, all shapes and... Full Bio
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Eat Fit- A Rare Gem in a Sea of Greasy Grub

Wandering on the top floor of the Nordstrom Building on Michigan Avenue in Downtown Chicago, one cannot help but grow hungry as the scent of greasy...

Love Bites- Smaller Portions in Chicago

Ah, new relationship bliss. Spending every moment together, not getting enough of each other, and…never eating a meal alone. Studies have shown that...

Your Body and Booze

By now, most everyone knows that booze isn’t calorie-free. But, unlike the food we eat, alcohol provides us with no real energy. It also lacks...
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