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Professional Ballet and Musical Theatre dancer.  I also love cycling, hiking, wine-tasting, social dancing and cooking.
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"Aunt Flow" came a few days early and is a brown-ish color. What gives?

Been on same birth control for 8 months, period usually starts 1-2 days after I remove the ring.  This time menstrual flow came a day before I took...
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Mar 17 2009 by BwayMeadowlark
8.5 hours a day? That's incredible! Poor toes, they probably didn't get too much love back then... Good luck getting back into the old routine!
Mar 17 2009 by BwayMeadowlark
Hey there! I'm impressed- 3 hours of dance twice a week, whoo! Are you a professional? I'm a musical theatre performer, so I've been there :)

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