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Are You A Mold-Breaker?

Are you a Mold Breaker? Many may be puzzled by that question, many may not know what it means to be amold-breaker.   There are people...

“Run & Hide Your Crazy” and Other Such Southern Nonsense!

I have a confession to make, I live in Oklahoma and I’m not a good Southern girl. I hate sweet tea and don’t like listening to most country...

Invisible Prison

Many times people are so consumed with their own challenges to see the inside world of those around them. Look at the faces that surround you at...

Ask For Help

In a world full of deadlines, family commitments and an overbooked schedule, we often forget to take care of what is important; our own health...

Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is a product that I have consistently used in my clean eating arsenal for the past few years. I have tried various brands to find...


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Jul 05 2011 by Jeff K.
You def. should relax your ankle until it heals, but you're right there's plenty for you to do until that happens. Sitting and lifting weights is great, and it will help keep the top half of your body toned. Hopefully you heal up soon and get to go to that marathon!
Jul 04 2011 by HealthyAbandon
Hope everyone has a healthy and happy Independence Day! Enjoy your FREEDOM & thank our military for their service!
Jun 28 2011 by The Sweet Life