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Hidden Vegetable Protein Muffins by ADoctorInTheHouse I saw a recipe for “Hidden Veggie Muffins” a while ago and snapped a photo on my phone to remember the recipe since I’m always in the market for healthy muffins I can grab ... Read on »
14 Breakfast Recipes Perfect for Dinner! by EricaDHouse This post is sponsored by Check out their site – I’ve found so many of my favorite healthy recipes there! Growing up Mom started making breakfast for dinne ... Read on »
Cigna 5K Race Recap by LBontherun Last year, when I was pregnant and relatively naïve about motherhood, I made lots of grand claims (both publicly and privately) about running and training post-pregnancy. ... Read on »
A Week in the Life by Alaina Pozzy Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of “life lately” or “day in the life” posts. I thought I would chime in with something a little bit more: my WEEK in the life. This past ... Read on »
Juice of the Week: Peaches and Greens “Whole Juice” Smoothie by houseofhealthy Juice of the Week: Peaches and Greens “Whole Juice” Smoothie August 29, 2014 · by ... Read on »
A Tiny Setback by RunEatPlay Good afternoon and Happy Labor Day Weekend! Who has a three-day weekend?! Well, I had a tiny set back in my physical therapy. I’m not sure exactly why but the therapis ... Read on »
Getting "YogaLean" starting today by Rhonda B. **this post contains affiliate links** Happy Friday friends! Just a quick stop to tell you about the great book I'm reading.  I was given an advance copy of Beth Shaw' ... Read on »
Walk the Katwalk by Brittany W. On Wednesday I walked the Katwalk, not to be confused with the catwalk, you won’t find me strutting my stuff on one of those anytime soon. The Kendall Katwalk is a man m ... Read on »
Just Some Things by phillynerdgirl Gah, the unofficial end of summer crept up on me.  We decided to celebrate a little at work by having an ice cream social. This might have been accompanied by us bei ... Read on »
Aaaaaargh!!! by Sue F. That's exactly how I felt standing on the scales this morning. Fucking aaaargh. The week before last: 13st 7lbs. Last week: 13st 7lbs. This week: fricking 13st 6.5lb ... Read on »