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How to kick Negative Patterns from Your Life and Evolve into a Positive Soul by Zeenat by Zeenat {} “The one thing in the world, of value, is the active soul” ~ RALPH WALDO EMERS ... Read on »
Thinking Out Loud - Barre, Belle, and Beauty Products! by Lauren G Facebook Howdy! It's time for Thinking Out Loud Thursday my friends. This one is going to get a little random (in a good way) so hold on for the ride! Whew! It's Thurs ... Read on »
комбуча! by Nadia Комбуча и SCOBY. Две нови за повечето хора думи в едно изречение. А събрани заедно, означават едно – комбуча ферментира с помощта на SCOBY. И ако ти е интересно: К ... Read on »
Friday Favorites by Brittany …umm… Brittany? It’s Thursday. Nice try. I know it is, but tomorrow I’m going to be finishing some stuff on the big project, taking care of an expir ... Read on »
All The Feelings by Ashley M. (Note: If you don’t like my rambling posts, check out the Chocolate PB Energy Chunks instead!) I’ve been all over the place emotionally in the last half a year or more. H ... Read on »
My Busy Life. Getting a Boost from Pure Earth Juice by Live from La Quinta This post is sponsored by Del Monte and Pure Earth Juice. All opinions are my own. I kind of touched on this a few days ago, but now that my personal training schedule ... Read on »
Game Changing Snacks with Blue Diamond by Madeline G. This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. For more Game Changing Snacks, visit Blue Diamond Almonds on , and . Is anyone else sad that football season is about to ... Read on »