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A Birthday On Call by ADoctorInTheHouse My last night on call was a week ago and it was a night filled with laughter and friends, some excitement and anxiety over patients, lots of smiles, and lots of yawns. ... Read on »
Italy – An Overview + A Few Tips by myinnershakti The last two weeks went by in a flash! A big, fun, once-in-a-lifetime kind of flash. That’s how I like to describe our time in Italy. And whenever I do, Vishnu likes to st ... Read on »
Fitness Friday: Creepy Church Zapped my Energy by EricaDHouse Saturday: rest Sunday: 5 mile walk Monday: 5 mile walk Tuesday: rest Wednesday: rest Thursday: 3 mile walk Friday: Booty Barre Beginners + walk ... Read on »
อานนท์... by ModernSarah พระเจ้าคุ้มครอง!! ล่าสุดนั้นได้เกิดเหตุการณ์ระทึกขวัญเมื่อทาง อานนท์ สังสระน้อย นักเตะของทางทีม “กว่างโซ้งมหาภัย” เชียงราย ยูไนเต็ด นั้นได้ประสบอุบัติเหตุรถชนขณะที่ ... Read on »
Friday Round-Up: RIP Hard Drive by LoveLifeSurf I didn’t mean to leave you hanging this week. But on Tuesday, my hard drive decided that it was tired and had enough and that it was time to retire. GAH! It’s so frust ... Read on »
Lets Heal Together! ~ FREE Online Counseling Session Giveaway by Zeenat by Zeenat {} So much of the world is broken and I want to be part of its healing.  Some ... Read on »
Do you Tabata? by Ashley M. It was over 70 degrees on Saturday. I walked around the yard barefoot and drank a huge glass of wine while we cooked veggies and flatbread on the grill . “Ahhhhhh," I though ... Read on »
Turmeric-Lemon Green Lentil + Spirulina Salad by culinarykarma Facebook Senior year of high school, I got this incredible opportunity to participate in a project I like to call the do-whatever-you-love-to-do-and-blog-about-it-instead-of-c ... Read on »
JonnyPops Review and Giveaway! by RunEatPlay I have a great review and giveaway for you guys today – JonnyPops! JonnyPops  are frozen pops made with real, all-natural ingredients.  They’re made with simpl ... Read on »