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Chocolate + Pumpkin Pots de Crème by Ashley M. I fell out of love with food blogging for a while. Had you noticed? Something about planning and cooking ahead with the intention of photographing my meals just didn’t feel ... Read on »
A green summer smoothie in winter weather by Tram L. Healthy Living Professional I woke up the other day, and the weather was already in its 20s. How did it suddenly become winter, and yet, winter doesn’t officially begin for another month?! A ... Read on »
Georgia Tibits by Brittany Like I mentioned, the girls and I are in Georgia. My parents live just outside of Atlanta, so we’ve been bouncing around the state a bit while soaking up family time. This ... Read on »
A day in the life of Annabelle and I! by Lauren G Facebook Howdy Friends, I have never done this type of post before because I'm not sure anyone really wants a glimpse into my not too crazy life. However, I always love reading th ... Read on »
Train Dirty Fitness Birthday Bash Recap by LetsTalkAndWalk Hello and Happy Tuesday! Missed blogging yesterday morning, I was too busy unpacking from my fabulous weekend. Now that I am unpacked, laundry done, and caught up with a ... Read on »
Be Known! IUD May Increase The Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis In Women by Swarnam J. Castillo Dominici,  Now if you are a lady using intrauterine devices, do not get alarmed after reading this post. Have ... Read on »
въпроси и... by Nadia След теста за чревен дисбаланс в много от вас се появиха въпроси и това е нормално, затова тук ще се опитам да отговоря на някои от тях. На първо място, “храня се ... Read on »
The Meta Effect: Starting with One Small Change by FitMamaEats I've partnered with Meta, a new line of wellness products by P&G, that is on a mission to encourage Americans to begin a journey of small steps towards better health. Read on »
Can Clothing Inspire Fitness? prAna Early Winter Collection by Live from La Quinta This post is sponsored by in partnership with FitApproach Many years ago, when I first started exercising, there were no gyms in the desert (dark ages, I know!). I li ... Read on »