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Zumba is FUN even for those of us who have no rhythm!

Posted Feb 16 2011 10:36am

So I’ve been intimidated by the whole “Zumba craze that’s sweeping the nation”.  I am the kind of girl who has no rhythm when dancing.  I’ve always been the tom-boy type of girl who played any type of sport, but never got her sexy on by dancing at clubs or taking any type of dance classes.  I have found myself peeking into the Zumba group fitness classes at my gym (Lifestyle Family Fitness) but never had the nerve to give it a shot.

Well..the time has come.  I’ve now tried the class two times.  I’ve got to admit..I LIKE IT!  The first time I went, I had a hard time catching on to a lot of the moves, but there were many moves that I had no problem with at all.  The second time I went I picked up much easier.  There were still 2 or 3 routines that I couldn’t even come close to catching on to..but I realized that if I make myself move SOMEWHAT close to what the instructor was doing, I felt fine with it. 

The class was very full too.  I’d say there were about 50 girls at the hour-long session last night.  That made it easier to blend into the crowd when I didn’t know what I was doing!

I wore my heart rate monitor to see how many calories I burned throughout the class.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I kept glancing down at my watch and finding my heart rate in the 180′s!!!  When I left the class, I had burned 717 calories in just one hour!!!  SOOO happy about that.  I would 100% rather take this class for an hour than running on the treadmill for an hour!  The time went by so much faster than if I were running on the treadmill like I normally do. 

Overall, I’d totally recommend joining the Zumba craze to get a new and fun workout in.

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