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Zumba in your Living Room

Posted May 24 2011 1:27am

Hola Bloggies:

How is your week starting out? Mine is going fantastic so far but that’s because today was a holiday here in Canada.

You see, today is Victoria’s Day! Technically it was first decreed to celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria (she was the reigning monarch at the time of Confederation and arguably presided over the apogee of the British Empire) but it is now the day in which we celebrate the birthday of the reigning monarch.

So in honour of the departed Queen Victoria and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Canadians get a day off from work!  wlEmoticon smile5 Zumba in your Living Room


Setting up a Schedule

You may have noticed that over the last month I didn’t blog all that much. Well for the next week I will be giving a new blogging schedule a try. wlEmoticon clock Zumba in your Living Room

This week I will blog every weekday (with a post usually going up late at night PST) and at least once on the weekend.

Truth is, I just want to see how this schedule works out. You see, I’m excited to unveil a new look in about a month and I would really love to have minor matters (like a blogging) schedule, figured out by then!

So please feel free to weight in and let me know what your thoughts are on an everyday post or one every other day.

Much appreciated friends!!!!


Working up a Sweat Zumba Style

Those of you that have read my blog for a while, will remember that I went through a love affair with Zumba last year.

I love that dancing to fun top 40 type music can be considered a workout – especially one that can burn up to 1000 calories per hour!!! Admittedly, when I tried Zumba I happily discovered that I was very good at it . . . my Hispanic blood came through for me! wlEmoticon winkingsmile2 Zumba in your Living Room

Well eventually, Zumba fell by the way side in favour of training for my first half . And then there was the stress fracture . But given my recent turn in fortunes I decided to give Zumba another try.

Because I was unsure if my foot would hold up I decided to give a home workout a try. Instead, of using a video game I loaded up a playlist of Zumba workouts on YouTube and did each of them twice.

Approximately 48 minutes later I was a sweaty sweaty mess!!!!!

Don’t believe me?

Here is my very unflattering “I just woke up  and look it” before shot: IMG 1999 thumb Zumba in your Living Room

Can you tell I’m not used to taking self-portrait bathroom shots with my DSLR? Yeah, I thought so. wlEmoticon smilewithtongueout Zumba in your Living Room

And here is my incredibly sweaty after shot – at least I look alive in this one:

IMG 2014 thumb Zumba in your Living Room

See my red face? Proof positive that you can have a totally effective Zumba workout at home!


My At Home Zumba Workout Recommendations

So are you ready to give Zumba at home a try bloggies?

It may not be easy but the more times you do the routines the less you will be confused and the more fun you will have!

Zumba is nothing if not a blast!!!! wlEmoticon smile5 Zumba in your Living Room

Here are the videos I usedplease note EMI restricts their playback on certain websites so you may have to click through to YouTube to watch them:


Let me know if you give the workout a try – I would wlEmoticon redheart2 Zumba in your Living Room to hear what you think!!!


Question: If you’re Canadian, how did you spend your long weekend? If you’re not, how do you plan to spend your next holiday?

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