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ZOMT Recipe: Spicy pumpkin tofu quinoa

Posted May 14 2009 12:00am

Healthy Spicy Pumpkin Tofu Quinoa A healthy recipe from ZOMTBAKES

This is a very easy stir fry of sorts.

Pre-cook the quinoa in boiling water for about 15mins whilst you cooked the pumpkin in a tiny bit of oil until it softens. When it starts to brown, add the tofu and peas and quinoa. I also added chilli powder (hot!), cumin, paprika and the secret ingredient - natural yoghurt. YUM.

Quinoa is a fantastic grain (seed) that the pre-Columbian Andean people valued for its high nutrition. It originated in the Andean region in South America and is higher in proteins and nutrients than rice and pastas so is a great replacement for these. They are also complete proteins with all the essential amino acids that we need. It is gluten free, high in fiber, magnesium and iron - perfect hey! It is even being considered as a possible crop on NASA's Controlled Ecological Life Support System on the long duration manned space-flights.

Healthy Spicy Pumpkin Tofu Quinoa
Anyway, it is very filling and high enough in protein thanks to the tofu - make sure you choose a good tofu though as the protein/carbs/fat ratios vary quite a bit.

Not exactly the prettiest dish, but delicious nonetheless and has been great for throwing in the lunch box.

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