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YTT Level 2

Posted Jul 17 2012 9:32pm
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YTT Level 2

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And just like that.. it was over. Well sort of.. I still have classes to teach and assist, and written assignments before I’m completely finished with Yoga Teacher Training, but the “class room” time is complete.

Last week I completed my second 8 day intensive. From Saturday to the following Saturday I was in the studio 8am-6pm discussing, practicing, assisting, sequencing, etc. Nothing but yoga and it was beautiful. There were 11 people in the program and everyone was amazing. I learned from each and every person and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to go through training with them. It was definitely a more emotionally intense week than the first. There were tear.. and sometimes when I least expected it. But that’s what yoga does.. it brings up what needs to come up, and helps you to let it go. And sometimes the letting go comes in the form of water out your eyes ;-)

Anyways! The week absolutely flew by. Each day we’d start with either yoga philosophy or dive right into practice technique (inversions, arm balance, back bending) with an emphasis on sequencing. After lunch we’d work on assisting, then either more philosophy and practice or sequencing strategy. Ok that’s super summing it up but you get the idea that the days were packed full with information.. I loved every minute.

On the Horizon

I came away from the week inspired to say the least. I have a couple of things on the horizon that I’m not quite ready to fully announce but the teaser version is that I’ll be offering services combining a few of my favorite things..

  • Yoga AND Health Coaching
  • Yoga, Nutrition, Fitness AND Social Media

I can’t wait to share the details! I’ll also be offering a few free classes in Austin in the very near future, so follow me on Twitter and Facebook to learn more.

YTT Related Shout-Outs

And a few quick acknowledgements..

Gioconda Yoga – Forever grateful.

BFree Yoga – Our host studio.. amazing space filled with so much love!

Shelby Autrey – An inspiring light, thank you, thank you.

Leah Cullis – Practice and all is coming.

Sam Rice  - Peak sequencing bestil my heart. And foxy!

Salena Pang  - Bundahs!

Iva Drtina-Hall – Creative sequencing <3

Omar Rios – The anatomy was “fun” but the kombucha is freakin awesome :)

Sarah Luna  - Chahkras and dancing around have never been so fun.. I’ll work on the yin

G’Neil Price – Liquid Gold!

Such an honor!

And I leave you with a super goofy and not remotely complimentary photo of me all twisted up :) (source: Lululemon at The Domain )


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