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Your Tone It Up Questions Answered

Posted May 25 2012 2:17pm
Last night, I had dinner at Garden Grille with my good friend, Melissa. We hadn’t seen each other in far too long. She recently returned from an incredible trip to South Africa and I couldn’t wait to hear all about it. We met up after Melissa got out of work and, along with my amazing friend, I was greeted with these:

Flowers and a beautiful graduation card, bearing my nick name, Heath bar. She’s a gem. :-) We talked for about two hours straight and, per usual, the time flew by. In between chatting, we managed to chow down on some of the best food ever! To start, we ordered some unpictured sweet potato wedges with Garden Grille’s homemade BBQ sauce.

For my entree, I chose the spring panzanella salad, a combination of asparagus, radish, charred green onions, and kale. On the bottom was a block of grilled tofu with pistachio crumbles. The dish also came with a side of homemade ramp poppy seed dressing, which I wanted to drown myself in.

So fresh and so clean, clean!

Melissa ordered a salad and a side of chipotle seitan. We were in veggie heaven. 

Afterwards, we mosied on next door to Wildflour for some coffee (decaf for me and regular for Melissa). We each put a splash of almond milk and stevia in our coffees before hugging goodbye. It was a successful night indeed!


I went to bed fairly early and woke up mentally ready for a workout. Physically, however, my lower body was a little sore. I thought about skipping it altogether but I was dying to get my legs moving. I opted for 20 minutes of intervals on the stationary bike, setting it on zero resistance and sprinting for one minute every three minutes. It did the trick! Afterwards, I completed the Bikini Abs routine from the Tone It Up  Beach Babe DVD before giving my bod pod a good ol’ stretch.

Photo courtesy: Hybrid Industries


This morning, I had an interview for a nutritionist position. It went well and I’m looking forward to updating you all on the job process! After my interview, I came home to prep lunch. I had a mad craving for something I hadn’t eaten in quite some time: almond-flaxseed burgers from THRIVE . This book, written by Brendan Brazier (Vega creator and vegan ironman triathlete), is one of my favorite reads about veganism. It really spoke to the nutrition nerd in me. The back of the book comes equipped with a bunch of delicious recipes, and these burgers are no exception.

THRIVE Almond-Flaxseed Burger

Not only are they satiating and delicious, but they take about 10 minutes to prepare because they’re raw and only require a food processor. I love to make a batch and keep them on-hand for meals and snacks. Today, I paired mine with massaged kale salad (Annie’s Goddess dressing and nutritional yeast) and baked sweet potato slices. You need to stop me before I turn into a human sweet potato.

In one word: amazing.

Your Tone It Up Questions Answered

Over the past few months, I’ve been receiving quite a few questions regarding the Tone It Up lifestyle. While I have answered all of them, I’m sure there are some of you out there wondering the same thing. So, I thought that I would take the questions, put them into a formal Q&A, and answer them today! 

1.) Why did you join Tone It Up?

I joined Tone It Up back in November . Basically, I felt like I was in a workout rut and was looking for a new challenge.  For my own personal fitness goals, I wanted to further challenge my body and become more toned. I knew that I needed to overhaul my workouts (less cardio) and tweak my dietary choices as I saw fit. I purchased the vegan nutrition plan because I wanted to learn how to eat for muscle tone. I know how to eat in terms of general nutrition (being that I went to school for it) but I am not as well-versed in sports nutrition. Tone It Up served as a guide for me. I began implementing their dietary principles and workouts into my own regimen. Now, I do not follow the nutrition plan to a “T” but I have found the general principles helpful and, as you know, I am pretty much obsessed with their workouts. ;-)

2.) Have you noticed any changes?

Yes! I’ve definitely become more toned, due to lifting heavier and challenging myself during each workout. Tone It Up has been an instrumental factor in helping me believe that I can push my limits. I’ve also added more healthy fats into my diet in exchange for heavy carbohydrate sources. This is not something that was recommended to me from Tone It Up but a personal decision. Let me say it now: I LOVE CARBS! CARBS ARE NOT THE ENEMY. Bread and pasta, however, tend to make me feel lethargic, so I replaced them with more quinoa, beans and legumes, buckwheat, and healthy fats like avocados, nuts, and coconut oil. I feel amazing! I also look forward to my morning Meta-D drink. It really does give you an amazing energy boost! You can learn more about that if you purchase the nutrition plan .

3.) What do you think of the vegan nutrition plan?

Pros: I really enjoy the Tone It Up recipes that I have made and think the nutrition plan is an especially good investment for someone who is transitioning into the vegan lifestyle and/or is scrapped for time. The black bean and garbanzo patties, summer salad, and morning breakfast quinoa are my favorites. They are fresh and delicious! I love how easy all of the recipes are – it makes eating clean EASY which is what I’m all about! Plus, there are so many that it’s hard to get bored! The investment is totally worth what you get out of it. You are given every subsequent nutrition plan update and special editions (i.e. the Beach Babe edition) and you have access to an amazing and supportive group of women with the community.

Cons: The Tone It Up protein pancake , K&K’s infamous recipe, was a definite flop the times I tried made it. It didn’t stand up well and, ultimately, was a protein “mush” as opposed to a pancake. Also, the recipes are a little soy-heavy. As a vegan plan owner, I would have loved to see the inclusion of more bean, lentil, quinoa, and nut-based dishes. 

4.) What is your favorite part of Tone It Up? 

I’d say it’s a three-way tie between the trainers (duh!), the workouts, and the community. I could talk for days about my adoration for Karena and Katrina. Both of these ladies are so genuine and motivating. They have been so kind, generous, and supportive of For the Love of Kale and I am so grateful to them. Meeting them in person was incredible and they are exactly who you see in the videos! K&K are so generous to the entire TIU team and motivate each team member in so many ways. They’re gorgeous from the inside out! Also, through the community, I have formed lasting friendships with women that I know will never leave my side. It’s amazing what you can get out of an honest effort and commitment!

5.) What do you think of the Beach Babe DVD?

I’m just going to cut to the chase here: I’m obsessed! The Tone It Up Beach Babe DVD rocks! I have been incorporating it into my workout routine at least twice a week since I received it and love how challenging each routine is. My personal favorite is HIIT the Beach followed by the Bikini Abs routine. All of the workouts are pretty difficult but those two definitely make me feel the burn the most. I also like how you can mix it up. There are two full-body sculpting workouts (one 40-minutes and one 20-minutes) in addition to an arm, abs, booty, and stretching routine, all of which are between 10 and 15 minutes long. So, you can adjust your workout based on which muscle groups you feel like working. Trust me beach babes, it is worth EVERY cent! :-)

Disclaimer: I was not contacted by Karena and Katrina to review Tone it Up. This is something I decided to do on my own. Remember to do what’s best for you and consult a physician before making any changes to your diet and/or exercise regimen!

Stay lovely,

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