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Your Time In The Sun

Posted Aug 27 2009 5:15pm

It takes a cold harsh winter to fully experience the Sun in all his glory. There is a good reason why all over the world, the Sun is the symbol of life, of divinity, of being and everything auspicious, wonderful and good. The precious metal gold - the basis of every world currency for eons now is said to represent and hold solar energy and there is no land on earth where the healing powers of the Sun have not been immortalized in one way or another.

In our times, the Sun has been blamed for many things not his fault. On one hand there's a world-wide industry selling products to 'protect' us from him. On the other hand he's supposed to be the cause of various skin cancers.

To put it simply, the Sun does NOT cause any illness in our bodies. It is our inability to harness and manage the life energy he sends us and our entire planet that makes us unwell.

So how do we harness and manage Solar energy in our bodies?
We do this in three important ways;

1) Solar energy causes the outflow of vital energy from the center of our energy fields.

The vital energy source that is the center of gravity of both our physical and energy bodies, is like a tap through which sheer cosmic energy comes in, keeping us alive and living. This tap is opened by solar energy. Even in the absence of sunlight, the energy of the sun reaches our centers and causes the outflow of vital or cosmic energy. When this outflow of energy is balanced by lunar energy which 'focusses' this energy, our bodies develop as a result of the friction between the outflow and the focussing or 'inward pulling' effect of the moon's energy.

This happens naturally all the time. We can and do mess the harmonious balance up though, and this is the cause of many mental, emotional, and physical illnesses in the body. To balance the effect of solar and lunar energies in our bodies, we need to have equal amounts of sleep and waking time, function as a whole being of body, mind and spirit, ie. expressing on the outside how we feel on the inside, and practicing nature-based exercises or dances that cause us to use our entire bodies harmoniously - not just one part of us.

A balanced solar-lunar energy body will support a beautifully proportionate physical body, with defined balanced hormonal levels, clear eye-sight, sound hearing, taste and touch-sensitivity, well formed bones, flexible limbs and muscles, a clear pleasant voice and reflexes that can handle anything anytime.

2) Sunlight triggers off and directs our bodies' Energy Manager - the Pineal Gland.

In the human energy body, a little gland in the mid-brain called the Pineal Gland has as its job, keeping our body in tune with the sun. This is practically done by reacting to sunlight and managing the nervous system's frequency (faster when we are awake, slower when we are sleeping) and hormones that trigger off the 'time' in our bodies by using sunlight as a guide.

I won't go into the details here, but to make a long story short, this Pineal Gland manages our sleep and activity times, our skin, bone, hair, tooth and nail health, oue hormonal balance in general especially the male-female sex hormone balance that causes fertility (or lack of it), growth of the internal organs, release of the substances (like pheromones) that pretty much control our reaction to our environment and other people, and so on.

Now the Pineal Gland needs to receive sunlight to keep doing its job, but very often with time and lessened cell vitality in the brain, a layer of grey calcium gets deposited on it blocking off sunlight little by little. As the amount of sunlight reaching decreases, the Pineal gland also begins to panic, under-performing or over-performing and this triggers of 'ageing' in the body.

The longer we can keep our Pineal Gland distributing energy according to the 'pattern' we were born with, which the sun moves to, the longer our bodies will be 'young'. Otherwise, the energy distribution gets slowly skewed, skin, hair and bones show the signs of ageing and this goes on to cause more and more ageing in the body.

Rejuvenating and keeping our Pineal Gland healthy, is done by breathing deep and long, receiving at the VERY least 20 minutes of full-on natural sunlight a day, and sleeping and waking up with the sun.

How simple is that? But many of us cannot seem to even make this little commitment to ourselves and nature. It is the No.1 cause of clinical depression, obesity, skin problems, hair problems, relationship problems, infertility, hormonal imbalance, bone problems, calcium related problems, growth deficiency, sleeping and learning disorders, IBS etc.

3) Every cell of our bodies is a little 'Sun' in its own way and is energetically vitalized, directed by and responsive to solar energy rays.

I hope you can handle a bit of technical energy science without getting bored. This is truly important information.

Every cell, in all matter in our solar system has a center and a circumference. The center is literally a little piece of the sun energetically speaking. It vibrates actively when sunlight reaches it, and goes passive or vibrates slower in the absence of sunlight. This literally means that every time we are being exposed to sunlight even if it is indirect sunlight, the cells of our bodies get energized from within and are 'waking up'. In the absence of this natural 'wake-up', cells grow stiff, lazy, sluggish, weak, have lessened life spans and reproduce into weaker cells. It is simply the recipe for decay, illness and cancer - in our bodies and as a race in general.

To bring our entire bodies back to really living, we need to start enjoying sunlight again - it need not be harsh sunlight. We need to be awake and active during the sunlight hours so that our cells can harness and make use of solar energy efficiently. If we are sleeping, they won't be able to do that properly.

The aim of this article, is to convey the importance of having a daily routine that allows for sunlight exposure. If you are having trouble aligning your day to the sun, here are some simple ways you can correct your sleep cycle and get back to good health.

1) Expose your body to atleast 20 minutes of bright sunlight every day. Wait till you break out in a sweat, or atleast feel much warmer than before. Close your eyes and wait till you are seeing just one uniform color instead of moving colors.

2) After sunset, keep the lights dim, the sounds low and don't over-exert your brain. Try not to watch tv shows or news programs that work you up.

3) No matter what happens, go to bed before midnight. Lie down in the dark feeling fully awake if necessary - that's ok. If you feel active, dance, do some light yoga.. anything.. but do it in the dark. Sooner or later your body will re-adjust, just give it a few days.

4) Take a few minutes for yourself around sunset, to collect your thoughts, acknowledge how you're feeling and how the day has gone. This has to be conclusive, the day is now OVER. For example, "Its been a hard day. This happened, that happened... here's what I'm going to do. Tomorrow I'm going to do this, I'm going to solve this problem." Notice there are no actions to be done in the time between sunset today and sunrise tomorrow. Action starts only tomorrow after sunrise.

5) Get truly comfortable with sunlight in the day and darkness in the night. We need both light and darkness to be holistically well. If you are comfortable with only one, there is an imbalance, and correcting it will heal your body and mind wonderfully. Simply live or move around in sunlight in the day, and keep it dark in the evenings and night. Do it faithfully and your body will re-adjust.

Can you make a commitment to yourself to get back to the natural sun cycle? Do you care enough for your body and health to do what it takes to get back to proper energy levels?

If you can do this one thing, it will be real and true insurance against hormonal imbalance, ageing, and the various infections and disorders that are raging through humanity right now. Your bones will stay healthy, your heart more vibrant, your skin and digestive system more energetic, your entire nervous system robust enough to manage life's changes without going weak or failing. You will truly be tapping into, and living on the source of vital energy that caused the development of growth of your body in the first place.

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