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Your Salvation Lies in Your Love

Posted Dec 28 2012 11:30am

There’s a beautiful line from the song “Orange Sky,” by singer-songwriter Alexi Murdoch. It is one of my all-time favorite songs to get completely lost in. It’s hopeful and raw – it’s real. He sings, “My salvation lies in your love.” Give it a listen while you read this post!

I like to speak to God (you can use Universe, spirit, whatever works for you) and my inner guide and tell them, “My salvation lies in your love.” It is empowering and so centering; it’s the perfect reminder that I can save myself from myself at any moment in time. In other words, I can save myself from fear and choose love instead – at any given moment. How freakin’ awesome is that?

This time of year especially, we see a lot of this “black and white” mentality.  Some of us are holding so tightly onto this idea that we have to be “perfect” and if we’re not “perfect,” we might quit. There is no gray area. The gray area is where your love lies. That’s where you completely let go of all your inhibitions and just live. We don’t want to live in the black area of fear and we don’t want to live in the white area of perfectionism.  Fear and perfectionism tell us that we are separate from others, that we are less-than others, and that we are not worthy. These thoughts are not real; they are illusions we create in our minds. Only love is real.

There is another line from “Orange Sky” that really resonates with me. Alexi sings, “Sometimes, sometimes
my mind is too strong to carry on.” How true is this?! When we allow our ego (our fear voice) to speak loudly, we feel like we can’t do anything. As A Course in Miracles teaches, the ego speaks loudly while the inner guide is a gentle whisper. Do you want to listen to chaos or do you want to listen to peace?

When we listen to the ego (the loud voice), we’re typically in a “What can I get?” mentality. If we’re constantly striving to get, we leave no space to give – and that’s where our love and growth lies. This is something I am constantly working on. The more I think, the less I actually do.  On the flip side, the more I let go and allow (cough get out of my OWN way), the more work I get done, the more I serve, and the more opportunities come my way. It’s just the way miracle-minded thinking works. It’s the way it’s supposed to be. On a moment-to-moment basis, I have to remind myself to bring passion to everything I do and ask myself, “What can I give?” instead of “What can I get?” These small steps bring massive change. It allows me to realize that my salvation lies in my love. Everything I need is already present inside of me.

I encourage you to check in with yourself today. Ask yourself, “What can I give?” Feel your heart open and a smile purse across your lips. Realize that your salvation – all of the answers – lies in your love.

If you’re struggling to understand that, meditate on it. Ask the Universe to help you understand that you already have the answers. A Course in Miracles teaches us that peace and love are attributes that are living inside of you. We don’t need to go anywhere to find them; we don’t need to search for a man or woman; we don’t need to get “the perfect body.” We simply have to accept that the Universe will guide us once we get out of your own way. If that’s still too much to grasp, simply be willing. If you are willing, you are still making massive progress – you are opening a door where fear can leave and love can come in.

Stay lovely,

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