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Your Royal Hotness!

Posted Aug 07 2012 1:49pm

Hey POPsters!


First of all, I want to say HAPPY 21st BDAY to my little sister Jackelyn!!!!!

If you have no idea what the PS is talking about, watch the end of this vid :)

Hahahahaha – I die laughing EVERY TIME.

I’d love it if you could tweet @Jackelynho and wish her a happy bday. Maybe it will make her come home sooner :)


I truly apologize for the lateness of this video! I got caught up attending some events and things and fell asleep editing 2 days in a row. I let my eyelids win and didn’t try to oppose them.

Anyway, here is the much anticipated YOUR ROYAL HOTNESS workout!!!!

I am filming right in front of Buckingham Palace! I am wearing a fuschia fascinator (my hat) that I bought for 20 pounds, and will wear this for all of the workouts that I film in London. Don’t you love it? I mean when else would I wear one of these?! I like to torment my friends who film me and wear it with my gym clothes when we’re walking from location to location :) They get so embarrassed. Muahahhahahhaha! But I could care less. If you wear it like you mean it, then no one’s gonna bother you.

That was my mentality for filming in public. These mini crowds would form around me while I did the workout and stare (yes it was kinda weird, but cool – I felt like a street performer) but I’d pretend I was a horse with blinders on and just focus on the camera. It did the trick!!!

This is a total body workout! How should you pair this with everything else? Well you can get a good idea of how you can workout effectively by printing the current Workout Calendar here , or if you prefer freestylin’ your exercise routines, just do any of my POP Pilates, POP Sculpt, Bikini Blasters for about 45 min back to back and then for the last 15 min go high intensity, so pick from my POP HIITS or POP Cardio etc. If you’re looking to burn serious calories, do one Pilates vid, then one cardio, then one Pilates, the one Cardio etc etc. Alternate to keep the heart rate up. Workout for one full hour 5-6x a week if you can. If you want to substitute your cardio for something else, running, jogging, dancing, elliptical etc. are just fine. Just make sure you’re going hard.

Good luck and have fun!

<3 Cassey

PS – I can’t believe I leave London on the 13th. So sad!

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