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Your Pet Can Help You Remain Active and Fit

Posted Nov 23 2012 3:05am
Have you ever thought that many times your pet becomes your unspoken trainer? Surprising isn’t it? Well, read on to find out therole played by your dear pet in helping you remain fit and active.

When you walk your dog every day to keep him in shape, a pet can also get you in to shape.Your Pet Can Help You Remain Active and Fit

It has been proved by the health experts that walking with the dog can be very beneficial for your heart and saves you from cardiovascular diseases although it is not a full cardio work out but it meets certain requirements to keep your heart healthy. When you run with your dog and play games with him, your body burns fats and cuts down your body flab and reduces calories and makes your body toned up and fit.

Dogs can be a very relaxing company and they keep your mind cool and calm and which in turn keeps you de stressed and avoid diseases like heart stroke, diabetes and pain in the joints.

A study by the American Journal of Public Health says that kids with dogs spend an average 325 minutes indulging in physical activity every day, 11 minutes more than those without dogs. The same rule could apply for dogs.

Dogs and pets have found to be very good motivators to get people
moving and keep them fit.

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