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Your (and My) Next Step to Life Balance

Posted Feb 24 2011 5:00am

This post was written by Anastasiya . Follow me on Twitter or StumbleUpon and keep your life balanced!

Are you looking for the next step towards your life balance? I know that I am and I think that we should take the next step together. Actually it is time for this blog, Balance In Me, to make the next step towards balance. Let me explain what I am talking about here.

1. Simplifying Things

Simplicity is one of the cornerstones of life balance. The simpler you can make your schedule, your surroundings, your priorities – the easier it is to find and maintain life balance. While simplicity seems like a very easy concept (get rid of things that you do not need, organize stuff that you already have) in reality achieving it can be quite difficult. Are there any things in your life that you want to simplify? Maybe your lifestyle? Your daily schedule? Your relationships? Your work? Anything else?
I am currently simplifying my lifestyle by eliminating or cutting back on things that I do not need in life.

A few months ago I closed comments on the blog – it is one of the best things that I ever done on this blog because it helps me to maintain my balance. (After all if I get out of balance how can I give you any tips on how to maintain it? :-) ) I am simplifying my diet (and you will read about it in one of the next posts), simplifying my workouts (also a topic for the next post), simplifying my schedule and priorities. I’ve never felt better before!

I want to ask you to join me in my simplicity quest. I am planning the next online Life Balance Retreat that will start in late March. The topic of the retreat is Simplifying your life with balance: 30 days to declutter your lifestyle.

This week only you can win a FREE spot for the retreat if you answer two simple questions (the retreat will be priced at $67 and will last 1 month.) On February, 26th, I will choose 2 winners using a random number generator. I will announce the winners in the Saturday newsletter and in the blog post that will come out next week.
Click here to win a free spot for the retreat.

2. Expanding the scope of Balance In Me

I believe that it is important to learn from different people and from different sources to find your personal path of growth and improvement. The number of topics that I can cover on this blog is limited to my interests, experiences and my personal knowledge. In the next few months you will see more interviews with amazing people who achieved balance in different areas of life.

I am also inviting contributors to write posts for BalanceInMe. If you are a blogger or you just want to share your experience on the pages of this blog – please contact me right away. I can accept only 4 to 8 contributors. As a contributor you will write a post that will be published on this blog every 4 to 8 weeks and you will get constant traffic to your blog/website. You can cover any topics that relate to life balance: health, finances, relationship, family, work, hobbies, emotional wellness, spirituality etc. Contact me today if you are interested.

3. Life Balance In-Group

If you are looking for balance in life then I want to help you. There are plenty of people who say that they want to change something in life but they never commit to any of those changes or they never put enough effort into their lifestyle. As a blogger I am trying to help people find their balance and most importantly find motivation to change their lives. I want to thank every amazing reader who sent me an email saying that my articles have helped them to improve their life. Your support gives me motivation to continue writing this blog!

However, sometimes we need more direct guiding in life, more practical steps and more ways to stay accountable to succeed. For the readers who are serious about finding their life balance, improving their lifestyle and using their potential I have created a special place called Life Balance In-Group. As a member of this exclusive club you will get personal mentoring from me, in-depth monthly seminars and access to all past and future retreats for free.

If you are ready to find your life balance and do what it takes to improve your life – join the Life Balance In-Group (registration is open for two weeks only and is limited to 50 members.) Click here to read more about the In-Group.

4. Focusing on what matters

At the beginning of this year I asked you to fill out a quick survey for me. I am always interested to hear what areas of life are most difficult to balance for my readers because I want to write the most helpful articles for you. Here are the results.

As you can see most people had the hardest time balancing their health or maintain a healthy lifestyle. I believe that taking care of your body is always one of the first priorities no matter how old or young you are. Just the other day I was thinking about starting a few new projects but then I thought: “I would not be able to run those projects and exercise every day, cook healthy meals for my family nor develop healthy habits with my kids.” Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a choice that each one of us can make. It does not matter if you can spend only 10 minutes a day or 5 hours on healthy living – a little bit is always better than nothing.

You will see more health-related articles from me this year. I am also creating a new website about balanced body and health – I hope you will like it :-) And for those who are planning their vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC – I want to invite you to take a Pilates class at Waccamaw Pilates Studio (feel free to contact me if you want to set up a private session with me or if you have any questions.)

5. Getting More with Less

Lastly I want to announce a few changes to the newsletter format. I know that a lot of you are confused whether they should subscribe through RSS or email. As an RSS subscriber you will get all latest articles delivered to your favorite RSS reader. As a newsletter subscriber you will get articles and exclusive details, tips or giveaways that I will be running on my blog.

As a newsletter subscriber you will

  • Get an email digest of all latest posts every two weeks
  • Get notifications whenever I run promotions on BalanceInMe
  • Learn about any giveaways, free downloads or useful resources that will help you with life balance
  • Get access to the Book of Wisdom: 50 ideas for the all-around balanced life
  • Be able to take part in surveys and get bonus materials

What’s next?

If you skimmed through this post here are the main time-sensitive points that I want to bring to your attention:

  • You can win a free spot for the next virtual Life Balance Retreat Simplifying your life with balance: 30 days to declutter your lifestyle ($67 value.)
    Just answer these two simple questions – click here
    Note: 2 winners will be chosen on February, 26th.
  • If you want to become a contributor at BalanceInMe – send me an email.
  • If you serious about finding and maintaining life balance – join the Life Balance In-Group (registration closes in 2 weeks and is limited to 50 people.)

And do not forget to
Keep it balanced!

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