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You Guys Make Me So Happy

Posted Feb 08 2013 4:59am

All of the comments on yesterday’s post about whether I should stop blogging or not made me SO STINKIN HAPPY!

This is me super happy!

This is me super happy!



I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate your support and encouragement.  Every day I am amazed that someone besides my mom reads my silly little blog… maybe she’s paying you all?

It’s almost 5am and we have lecture at 6:30am so I will make this pretty brief!

Ophthalmology is still going great.  I watched a retina surgery yesterday and will see a pediatric muscle surgery today- super cool.

Also, I had a patient in clinic who had this:


That is a conjunctival cyst.  Your conjunctiva is a thin membrane over the white of your eye.  It’s what gets inflamed or infected when you get conjunctivitis or “pink eye”.  Apparently, this membrane can fold over itself and fluid accumulates underneath, forming a cyst.  The cyst can be very irritating and painful to the eye.  The one I saw yesterday was actually bigger than the one in this picture.  We took a tiny needle and popped it, then used q-tips to express all the fluid.  It was so super cool and the patient felt a million times better afterward- success! :-)

I am learning to use the slit lamp which is complicated and crazy hard!


What I struggle with is holding that little lens on the patient’s eye and then maneuvering the slit lamp to be in focus… I’m working on it.

Anyways, there’s my little med-school update.  I’m still doing Chalene Extreme and LOVING it.  And I’m still on my healthy train with the exception of some candy yesterday because I was starving and everyone else was doing it- peer pressure ;-)


Lots of people who commented yesterday said I should line up some guest posts.  Well if you are interested in guest posting please email me at!!

I guess that’s not a question… What are you having/did you have for breakfast?

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