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you gotta do what you gotta do…

Posted Mar 05 2011 12:00am


Hello! Happy saturday afternoon :)

A quick update of my friday:

I had classes

Went to the gym

Ate dinner and got ready

Then went out dancing for hours and hours! It was a blast but I am soooooo sore today ……dancing is a WORK OUT!

This morning I woke up STARVING. I had this yumm bowl of oatmeal with walnuts,pb,vanilla yogurt,and fruit. I ended up having about 1.5 more bowls of this mixture. HUNGRY GIRL this morning worked up a  SWEAT on the dance floor..awwww yeahhhh! haha but, I was surprised to see how much sugar is in vanilla yogurt….more than a daily recommended serving of sugar in 1 cup! I hope next time they have plain yogurt out. *sigh* haha

ANYWAY last night was basically my last night of freedom because starting today I have school work and midterms to take care of. They are just taking over my life!

Not mentioning any names here……..but…..

second test on Wednesday……(* BITES NAILS*)


Well I’m off to do some statistics and then head to the gym for a long ride on the stationary bike :)

I’ll be staying in tonight to do more work work work :(


HOWEVER…….I go to Florida in 1 week! THAT’S MY MOTIVATION HERE. I’m picturing myself by the pool with a Chobani yogurt reading my Chelsea Handler book (…which I won’t be able to pick up until at least thursday night…  and maybe tomorrow night if I can catch  a break)


Is your life just crazy right now?  What do you do to cope with it all? I have a feeling a lot of meditation and green tea will be happening for me this week haha


p.s SSD (spring slim down) week 2 was semi-successful, I’ve been to the gym almost everyday and I’m eating well too! One problem I’ve noticed is hidden sugar in the foods I eat… the problem is that I can’t always check the labels since I eat in the dining hall.  ANY ADVICE or TIPS?

p.s.s NEXT WEEK I plan on eating a clean diet for the days leading up to Florida ( more details to follow) maybe that will help with access sugar intake? hmmm.. STAY TUNED!


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