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You don't wanna know!

Posted Sep 16 2007 12:00am
Saturday's menu went somewhat according to plan....except for the small instance of Taco Time instead of Subway (ooooops, stupid mall food court!) so my 6 point lunch wasn't so much 6 points. Hmmm...and then there was that Orange Julius. I was thirsty dammit! Ugh, and I didn't account for the bowl of Cheetos Crunchits I always have when Mom and I watch a movie. Oh well, that's what the rest of those flex points were for.... right?

It's a good thing I didn't have breakfast today (slept til noon!) cuz for lunch I have leftover Chinese (how could I not?) and one last bowl of Crunchits (with a tiny side of Bridge Mix) before I hit the road.

Good news is that I didn't snack in the car. I drank lots of water. I got 4 bags of local produce for $16 from a farm market on the way home. And I'm not starving so I think I'll just have salad for dinner.

Weigh in is tomorrow. Cross your fingers for no gain!
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