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You don't drink Coffee? No I don't.

Posted Nov 26 2012 10:18pm

I get up at 5am Monday thru Friday, 6am on Saturdays, and roughly 7am on Sundays (my internal alarm clock does not allow me to sleep past that.)  People assume that you drink coffee if you get up that early and I do not and not only do I not drink coffee I generally try to stay away from caffeine or I choose lightly caffeinated options.  Caffeine just does not sit well with my system.  Whenever I tell people that they are shocked, especially because the husband is obsessed (check out Pint and Cup ). What do I drink instead to wake up in the morning?

Tea. Tea. and more Tea.  I am always on the hunt for a new and exciting tea that has a good flavor, not too much caffeine if any, and that does not leave a funny after taste (I find lots of teas leave bad after taste).  White tea and green tea have less caffeine than oolong and black tea and Chai tea has approximately 1/3 the caffeine of a cup of coffee (a typical cup of coffee has approximately 100-150 mg caffeine per serving).

What I am currently drinking...and obsessed with.

1) Tazo Calm: Their version of chamomile tea, quite tasty especially with a squeeze of honey. Caffeine Free.

2) Tazo Passion: A nice fruity flavor, I like to drink this both hot and cold. Caffeine Free.

3) Bigelow Ginger Snappish: Holiday fun flavor! It has a zippy ginger flavor, quite strong in taste but a nice change of pace. Caffeine Free.

4) Mighty Leaf Green Tea Tropical: This is my newest tea flavor on rotation and I absolutely love the taste and the smell.  I often find that green tea has a funny after taste and this does not.  It has a hint of mango flavor that makes it a bit sweeter than traditional green tea.  It has just a little bit of caffeine and it gets me going in the cold morning these days.  I highly recommend this! You can find this product at Whole Foods or order online.  Lightly Caffeinated. 

5) Oregon Vanilla Chai: I order this powdered package chai online for myself and give it as a gift frequently, everyone goes crazy over its great taste.  It is the best chai I have found out there in powdered form ( I dislike liquid chai).  The vanilla flavor makes it a bit sweeter and I cut the calories but making it with water versus milk.  I typically make 2-3 servings with one packet for a lighter flavor and it lasts me the whole morning at work.  Approximately 35-55mg of caffeine per serving.

Now, what do you drink all of these fun tea drinks in while you are teaching Pilates you ask?

The Aladdin Tea Infuser Mug is the best tea carrier I have found.  It has a mesh holder that can hold either a tea bag or loose tea and you can release it down to steep and pull it up to stop the process.  The thick plastic will keep your hand cool and the drink hot.  This makes a great holiday gift, especially when paired with some fancy tea!  

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