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You Can Quit Smoking! Tips to make your next attempt a success

Posted Mar 29 2013 9:41am
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Article contributed by Victory Lean

If you are trying to quit smoking , you may feel like the world is not on your side. There are smoking advertisements almost everywhere you look, discount tobacco stores on every street corner, and loads of people standing outside of restaurants, clubs, or parks enjoying a smoke. The thing to remember is that the “pain” you are feeling when you see such things is brought on by your own thoughts.
What do we mean? Well, as you attempt to quit smoking what is it that you say to yourself all of the time? If you are like billions of others who are also trying to quit smoking you find yourself thinking “you can’t do this or you can’t do that”. This is what is known as negative thinking, and it is one of the primary reasons that people fail in their efforts to quit smoking.
So, instead of dooming yourself to failure before you really get started, why not turn things around? Tell yourself about the things you “can do”. Here’s an example Mary was trying to quit smoking and found herself feeling miserable because she had a craving for a cigarette and understood that this was something she was not allowed to do. Instead of focusing on what she could not do, however, Mary told herself to stop and think about what she could do.
That is when she realized that she could go for a walk, go see a movie, head to the mall and window shop to her heart’s content. She could try to run up a flight of stairs and see how many days it took of smoke-free living to do this without getting out of breath. She could take up any number of new hobbies. In other words, she realized she could do anything in the world that she wanted, and that being unable to smoke was not really a bummer.
In fact, Mary began to tell people that once her obsession with smoking was set aside, she realized all of the things that smoking had actually stopped her from doing. She could now use the money once spent on cigarettes to buy books and participate in a book club. She could spend hours doing something without needing to stop for a smoke break .
You can see how much fun Mary had once she realized that quitting smoking opened up a lot more doors than it could ever close. Why not find out for yourself too and quit smoking today!

Victory Lean is a writer at Di Cigs – an Electronic Cigarette showcase. She likes to share lifestyle tips and advice for healthy living .

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