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You Can’t Do Push Ups with your eyes shut

Posted Jan 29 2013 8:22am


Last night, I suggested to my husband that we work out in the early AM.
Then, I stayed up late catching up on Vampire Diaries –> I heart that show.
So, when the alarm went off at 6am…
I did not want to workout.
Thank goodness my husband is so darn convincing and cute.
I was grumpy when we started, but there’s nothing like a killer arm circuit to wake you up.
Push ups force you to open your eyes.
After a solid and fast-paced 30 minutes, I was definitely awake.
And very thankful I got my sleepy butt out of bed.
You NEVER regret a workout, ever.
Here’s what we did..
50 push ups
10 – 10 second superman’s
3 sets of 20 bicep curls, triceps extensions, downward v outs & rows w/resistance band
30 chair dips
30 inward arm curls


Last night wasn’t a good night.
To be honest with y’all, I’ve had nagging, negative thoughts about my foot.
I know, part of me is a bit scared something will go wrong on Friday.
The Dr. might say something bad or the fusion didn’t take…
I know everything is probably fine, but I had a bit of a breakdown last night.
Yes, there were tears…a lot of them.
I had a long day though and I was exhausted to boot, so that didn’t help.
I feel better this am, and only positive thoughts from here on out!


Speaking of being positive…
I have been rocking my BS lately.
I admit, I was a bit lax while guests were here…
I’m back on track now and I’m killing it!


Today will be spent packing, I leave for Houston tomorrow.
Not looking forward to the long journey, by myself, in a cast.
urghoh well.
I have a lunch date with some of my favorite girls and tonight is a date night.
Oh la la…

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