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You Are Worthy of Ever Lasting Love, Joy and Abundance!

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:04pm

love joy abundance

Have you ever heard yourself saying “Everything is going so well, it cannot last, I know that something is going to happen to spoil this feeling” or have you ever felt guilty because you are too happy or have too much abundance? Have you ever felt happy or had such abundance that you said to yourself that you are not worthy of so much abundance in your life? Have you at times felt guilty for the abundance in your life when so many others seem to not live a life of abundance?

We are interesting beings? We strive for happiness, love, success, abundance and then when we begin to feel that we have all of these things we then question weather or not we deserve it and we begin to anticipate when the bottom will fall out of it all believing that all of the joy cannot last forever and something will come along to knock the joy that we are experiencing out of our life.

We sometimes even believe that if we express that we are enjoying our life too much we might jinx what we have found and in doing so we somehow invite some sort of power into our life which will take the joy away. Where does this type of superstitious thought come from? The thought that our joy cannot last stems from an underlying belief that we are not deserving of everlasting joy and that if our joy is greater than the joy of others that we should feel guilty for being joyful.

Here is what we have forgotten; we are joyful beings! We have forgotten that we are of divine source and that our core being is love and that we are worthy of all the joy, love and abundance that we experience. As a matter of fact we are worthy of all of the joy, love and abundance that we have yet to experience! There is no one on this earth that is unworthy of feeling exuberant with joy, with love and abundance.

One may find themselves saying that they don’t deserve to feel joyful because of some past thoughts or actions. If you are feeling guilty and undeserving of joy because of your past then you are not living in the “now”. Undermining your joy because of what has already transpired does not serve you, it does not serve the world, nor does it serve Universe, Source, God!  We must let go of that which has gone before and live today in unbridled and unencumbered joy.

Feeling guilty because your joy, love and abundance seems greater than others does not serve to help you help those who have yet to remember the level of  love, joy and abundance that you have remembered and manifested into your life. It is your love, your joy and your abundance that enables you to help others, to help them remember the love, joy and abundance which is them and therefore manifest a never ending joy into their lives.

Life is not to be lived by always looking over your shoulder waiting for the thing that will kill your joy, which will undercut your abundance or in some way undermine the love that you are experiencing! Instead of always waiting for something nefarious to happen, change your expectation to that of more joy, more love, more abundance!

Trust that when you live in spirit that the love, joy and abundance that you feel and experience will spill over to others and that you will create love, joy and abundance for others. Living a life of this consciousness will not only elevate you, it will impact this entire universe and do so in a way that creates a wondrous journey for us all.

Know this, you can never be too joyful, be too loving or have too much abundance! Remember that you are worthy of never ending love, joy and abundance! Do not deny yourself the love, joy and abundance that are yours to experience.

Remember also that you create your experience through your thoughts and it is through your thoughts that you will create unending joy, love and abundance and also it is your thoughts that can cause you to create that which can undermine all of the joy in your life.

Choose to know that you can create a life of everlasting joy, love and abundance!

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