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You’ve gotta be kidding me.

Posted Oct 26 2011 11:15am

Good morning, all!  I hope your Wednesday started less frazzle-rocked than mine.


Well, it actually started out great. Ant and I actually made it to the gym on time (oh the miracle!) and did 45 minutes of cardio on the elliptical with 15 minutes of intervals.  Then, went home, had breakfast (protein cakes from with fitnutz peanut butter powder instead of cocoa)


Peanut Butter Protein Cakes!

And headed for a nice walk across the park to my first client’s house.  I left at 8:10 to get there at 8:45, so that should have been plenty of time.  Should have been, assuming I had a sense of direction.  I entered the park on 77th and Central Park West, and proceeded to follow the beautiful rolling hills and winding trails that take you through the rambles of the park.  As I was walking, I was contemplating this photo that Anthony sent me, and was feeling so grateful for the fact that I get to walk everywhere in NYC.


After my back injury, one of the most profound tools of recovery was walking.  For one, it made me stronger while I couldn’t exercise in the way I was accustomed, and it also made me so grateful to be able to be outside and explore my city. Additionally, from an environmental standpoint, walking is the least eco-impacting mode of transportation there is.  Ant and I try to be as eco-aware as possible, in that we recycle our plastic and glass, use cloth where possible for cleaning, and recycled toilet paper and paper towels when not, and are very consciensious about turning lights off when we’re not using them.  Of course, there is so much more we could do, but for where we are, we are doing our best.


So, I was walking across the park, and even – dare I say – started to feel a bit high and mighty about it.  I was thinking of blogging about how everyone should walk to work, or use their bike three days a week. I started feeling preeety good about myself for my walking, and wondering why so few other New Yorkers walk everywhere.  I was so pleased with the beautiful views I was getting, and even paused to snap a photo or two.


My personal castle. (AKA Belvedere.)

Then I made a turn, and then another turn…and exited the park at…


80th and Central Park West.   At 8:37. I had walked the equivallent of three blocks in 27 minutes.


SO, I hopped in a cab, laughing at myself all the way, and made it to my clients house right on time. Wow, was I grateful for cars this morning!


Thank goodness for taxis, sometimes!


Moderation in everything, I suppose…even moderation.


How’s your sense of direction?  If it’s weak, what’s your favorite getting lost story?

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