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Yoplait healthy no more

Posted Sep 22 2013 12:50am
Recently I have seen television ads about how Yoplait has listened to the people and changed their product. Being that I am very conscious of what I put in my body due to health reasons I decided to check the food label at my weekly grocery shopping trip to Kroger. So the good thing is they took out the high fructose corn syrup however guess what they put in to replace it with?

Hold the suspense killing you yet?

Aspartame one of the worst sugar substitutes you can find.

I was angry at the thought that I can no longer eat the yogurt as aspartame triggers my seizure disorder so my thoughts are?

  • Did anyone research aspartame and learn what it does to the body?
  • If someone did the research did they just not care?
  • Seriously, does the food industry understand what they put in the products we ingest will cause health problems for a number of us?
I honestly do not know the answers to my questions and have thought of writing to the makes of Yoplait, but will they listen or just shred the letter at my disappointment in providing a healthy snack that really is not healthy.

Needless to say time to find a new healthy yogurt.

For those who do not know what aspartame can do I have provided an article I wrote awhile back about the nasty aspartame.

According to research in the year of 1985, Americans actually consumed 800 million pounds of Aspartame. The average intake per person was 5.8 pounds.

During the digestion process aspartame releases aspartate. Aspartate is a neurotransmitter used by the neurons in the brain. It is a type of amino acid. Aspartate is a necessary body chemical.

The neurotransmitters actually cross the blood brain barrier. Now the barrier is what protects the brain from harmful chemical invasions. However, some neurotransmitters such as aspartate and glutamate cross the barrier in excess and therefore will cause poisoning and lead to nerve cell death in the brain and spinal chord.

Unfortunately, the blood brain barrier is unable to estimate the needed amount from too much. Then what happens is these neurotransmitters build up undetected until a toxic level is reached. Research has shown this buildup to have an effect on the developing brains and nervous systems of children, and can affect adult’s brains and nervous systems as well.

Now the nervous system is designed to control the concentration of amino acids in the fluids surrounding the neurons. It regularly pumps excess glutamate and aspartate into the glial cells, which surround the neurons and supply them with energy.

Sometimes the nervous system’s pumping system is not as efficient when energy production is reduced in the brain, these protective pumps begin to fail, and aspartate and glutamate starts to accumulate in the space around the neuron. If energy is not fully restored, the neurons burn up or are excited to death.

In closing, people who are sensitive to the effects of aspartame should avoid the excess aspartame found in many diet sodas, and processed foods for the body is unable to handle this excess, which can lead to the following medical problems and / or conditions:

Visual disturbances
Liver disease
Kidney disease
Eating disorders
Mood disorders
Huntington’s disease

So my dear friends, how do you feel about Yoplait?
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