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Yogurtland Discovery

Posted Jul 02 2012 9:30am

Goood Morning!

It’s Monday … again … another weekend has gone by and it was a good one!

I spent mine down the shore in Ocean City – only the best beach around ;)

After a hectic week of schoolwork and studying, I needed a little R&R&R (rest, relaxation, and running).

I did my long run on Friday ( check it out ) since I wanted to be able to do a shorter one this morning because we had to head home to be at Kel’s first wedding dress appointment at 1pm (it went well!). I decided to take a rest day on Saturday and catch up on some much needed sleep.

Once I was up, I spent a few hours doing some outlines for the hectic week ahead

… before hitting the beach to soak up some sun

The beach was SO hot – the weekend was SO hot! It was unbearable at times, but at least you had the water to cool off :)

We then headed back to the house to get ready for some boating.

I packed myself a light snack to enjoy while we cruised since dinner wasn’t until later..

Yes, that is peanut butter sandwiched between two slices of roasted sweet potato. Yes, it seems strange … BUT … it was D E L I C I O U S ! – I will definitely be making this snack again, and I think you should too ;) I enjoyed it with an un-pictured nonfat, plain greek yogurt. (there was definitely some dippage involved ;) )

After the relaxing boat ride, we headed home to prepare some dinner. On the menu for tonight – grilled salmon over a big salad mixed by Nana of course :)

Simply brushed the salmon with olive oil and sprinkled salt and pepper before it headed to the grill with Mitch

In the mean time, us women worked on getting the salad together.

Then we picked up some mussels in red sauce from Mike’s Seafood – these things were amazing!

We then dug into our salad and salmon…

and my plate

Super light and refreshing – the perfect meal on a hot summer night :)

My Aunt and I then headed down the street to get some froyo – My mom had mentioned she saw a new Yogurtland, so I immediately had to check it out of course.

Yes, Yogurtland really does rule! We each got their special flavor – an almond dark chocolate mocha flavor which was out-of-this-world delicious!

I got my usual tasting cup of plain, Kona Coffee, and mostly of the special flavor – topped with some sprinkles and carob chips :)

It was nice to enjoy the evening chatting with my aunt and eating delicious froyo.


This morning, I ran my 5 miler around 7am – but seriously wish I went earlier because it was already 80 degrees (!) by then.

Just look at my two toned shirt and super sweaty neck as PROOF…

It was a tough run to say the least – it’s amazing how heat and humidity can really affect your run. I had planned on doing a tempo run for some speed work. It ended up being tempo-esque, but nothing like speed work. With all the humidity, breathing was tough and my body was loosing water fast via my sweat glands.

Mile 1: 9:07

Mile 2: 8:10

The first few miles weren’t terrible, and everything was going as planned and I was keeping my speed up. About 18ish minutes in, the sun was fully out and I really started to feel the heat. I could feel myself slowing down and slowly becoming dehydrated.

I knew it wouldn’t be good if I kept up my speed, so I backed off a little and just concentrated on keeping a steady pace for the last 2 of my tempo miles.

Mile 3: 8:42

Mile 4: 8:44

By this time, I was completely drenched in sweat and was dreaming about my nice air conditioned house. When mile 5 hit, I was the happiest person ever! I was relieved to finally be able to get out of the heat.

I honestly do not know how all those runners ran the Boston Marathon in that heat – props to them!

Mile 5: 9:15

Total: 5 miles in 44:01 with an avg pace of 8:48

Not bad considering the heat, but definitely not a good tempo run for me – if you could even call it that …

When I got in the house, I quickly guzzled down some agua and stretched out my muscles. Then, you know what’s coming next … it was BREAKFAST TIME :)

As per usual, it contained a large bowl of oats ;)

Oatmeal made with a bit of water, milk, and an egg – 1/2 banana, chia seeds, and cottage cheese (lactaid brand)

Topped it with some natural peanut butter and blueberries with a side of coffee

The rest of the day was spent driving home, at the dress appointment, and studying my little booty off – just a little preview of my school week …

Monday: lecture quiz and lab quiz

Tuesday: lab practical exam

Wednesday: No class, Work in the am, studying all day

Thursday: lecture exam

Off to start this wonderful week (insert sarcasm here)!

How were your weekend runs this weekend in the heat?

~ L

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