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Yoga, telling the truth to people and eating 5 pizzas!

Posted Jun 13 2010 7:11am

I believe that I m the laziest person I know. I mean I really enjoy doing nothing and my dream day would be just lying on a swing, drinking margaritas and watch handsome guys play volleyball on the beach(well it is my fantasy and I see what ever I want) . So, I don't understand why on earth I work more than all of my friends, I do yoga, go for 3 hour power walks and cook like crazy everyday. I think I m doing something wrong....:)

Today I woke up at 10.00 as usual and had an amazing chocolate mousse with strawberries. Here is the recipe:
I put
2 avocados
1 spoon cacao powder
2 spoons raw honey
1/2 tea spoon vanilla powder

in the food processor and mix well. Then I use it as a dip for my fresh organic strawberries!

After a half an hour it was time for yoga. Some very effective asanas for upper thighs and lower back. I feel so refreshed after doing yoga. Especially my mind is so clear and capable for taking right decisions. Which is a nice change :)

Later on I went for a coffee with my 4 best friends. They were talking about boys.
- We went out 3 times and he never called me again, Amy said about a guy she really likes.
- Helen: Maybe he wants you to call him.
- Gina: Or he is scared. (I have to add that she is a doctor)
- Mary: There is a chance that he lost your number.
- Me: Or maybe he was kidnapped by aliens. Come on girls he is just not in love.

My girlfriends were really socked about what I said and remain speechless for some seconds before they start yell at me:
- How can you be so cynical? You are ruthless. Totally unemotional. Actually you are a guy!

Well the thing is that if someone is in love nothing stors him or her from contacting the object of affection. So when this someone does not give a damn if you are alive, that means he is not interested. I tried a lot of times to explain this but my friends don't accept it.
Also I think we should tell people the truth because there is no point create false hopes or an illusionary world. Especially to our friends we are obliged to tell the truth.

Anyway we had an amazing time as always and I came back at home really hungry after all the conversation. I prepared Vegan pizzas on whole wheat pita with my home-made cashew cheese.

Put any veggies you like on the pita.
For the cheese I mix in the food processor
1 cup soaked cashews
2 peppers
2 spoons yeast
1 spoon olive oil
some dill
Bake for about 30' and decorate with some basil leaves.

Also I broke my previous personal record of 4 pizzas. This time I had 5! Oh they were so delicious.

Have a happy week and don't forget: life HAS to be good!
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